Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Birthday Fun!

 Phew, what a time birthday parties can be.  I thought I was going to make things simple and as time went on it just seemed like things were getting more complicated.  I decided for Sean's kid party to do cupcakes instead of  a big cake. I figured there would be less mess this way.  The only problem was that I didn't have enough muffin tin liners so I decided to make them without and that ended in a catastrophic fail.  The end result was hard little charcoal rocks.  Not good.  I tried again latter Friday evening and thankfully they turned out but, talk about a wasted morning.

Saturday morning I made shortbread cookies for the kids to decorate and then I made the coloured icing to go with it.  That also seemed like a lot more work than it needed to be but, the kids enjoyed decorating their own cookies so I'll count that as a win!  After the cookie decorating Sean opened his gifts and they all went to play while we set up the table cloth on the floor and set the table with cupcakes and chips and cheezies and juice.  This went over really well and cut down on messes!  The kids had a great time and by 4 most of the kiddos had gone home.  My friend Laura brought us a toddler bed for Nate so she and her kiddos stuck around while we moved the bed into Nate's room.  This was a bit of an engineering feat since one of the banisters and a railing had to come down in order to get the bed upstairs.  Tonight  is Nate's second night sleeping in his big boy bed and he is doing really well. 

 On Sunday Nate and I stayed home from church.  He was full of the cold and I needed some down time.  But then I remembered we didn't have a cake for the family party so I baked a cake and some chocolate chip cookies, Nate helped. :)

We had a wonderful visit with my family and with Brian and Bonnie and their girls. And no sooner had our guests left, than we were all piling into our car to head out to another party for a friend of ours!

Such a busy weekend, tomorrow we're taking down Nate's crib and putting up the Christmas tree.  Should be fun!

 While the Hopes were here, we thought we'd do a wee impromptu photo shoot...

 Ahhh, now that's more like it!!

 A shot from the kid party.

 A proud Grampa and Gramma with their grand kids..

And now showing their true colours... :)


Amanda said...

Meemer, you're such a great mom. :-)

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