Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yeah, so Remember Yesterday?...

Today was not at all like it!  I knew it would be busy what with a Bible study, doctors appointments and lunch at Swiss Chalet but I certainly didn't anticipate what ended up happening.

The day began in quite a natural way with waking up and getting dressed and that sort of thing.  It was a bit of a twist throwing Marko into the general busyness but, he was one of the one's needing a doctor's appointment so now we were all headed into town for 10:00.  We got to the church in good time, Marko dropped us off and ran some errands while we were at the study.  At 11:30 the study was over and I packed up the kids, my stuff and met Marko at the doors and we all trooped into the car and off to the doctors we went.

The appointments went very well.  The kids are all healthy and growing like weeds!!  Just as we were heading into the car I realized I didn't have my purse.  And for the life of me I could not remember when exactly I had it last. I knew I brought it to the study but couldn't remember if I had brought it to the doctor's or not.  We checked the waiting room, the car, the examination room and conferred with the doctor and the receptionist about my predicament. They couldn't remember whether I had my purse or not, I knew I had brought in Nate's diaper bag as I still had it with me when we left but, had I brought in my purse too?  They were quite confident that it hadn't been stolen out of the waiting room as they knew who was coming in that morning and it was a pretty slow morning anyways.  We decided that I must have left it at the church.  Unfortunately by this time everyone had left and it was locked.  We decided we would try a friends house, one of the ladies that looked after the children at the Bible study, to see if she had a key and we could get in to check for my purse.  Luckily she was home, but unluckily for me she informed me that one of the other ladies had taken my purse  back to Montague.  I was a little flustered, see we had been counting on going to the Swiss to cash in on the last day to use those buy one chicken dinner and get one free in the month of January and of course the coupon was in my purse.  While I was thankful that the purse was found and on its way home, my tummy was grumbling for chicken dinner.  My friend's husband had pity on me and generously gave us money to go out for our dinner anyways and he wasn't taking no for an answer (he's a retired RCMP officer)  Would you believe at the last minute we decided to go to Pizza Delight where the kids eat for free on Tuesdays?!  I missed my chicken dinner but the kiddos devoured their pizzas and garlic fingers, and who can go wrong with grilling your own bread right?!!

Certainly a day full of fun little twists and turns.

Monday, January 30, 2012

What a Grand Day

It was a most wonderful day.  Nothing too amazing or out of the ordinary happened but, sometimes that can be pretty grand in itself!  I managed to get my lazy bones out of bed early to read my Bible and just have some time to myself.  I like to be up by 6:30, it gives me a half hour start before the kids start clamoring out their beds. I enjoy peeking out the front door window to see if anyone else is up and if the sun might be up this time of day yet too.  Today the kids came running out of their rooms at 7 o'clock on the dot.  They were sleepy eyed and had some serious bed head, but they were also full of hugs, which is always a great way to start the day in my books!

They went back to their rooms to play and get ready for the day while I contemplated making the bed but then chose to snuggle back under the covers for just a little bit.  Those cozy comforters are just so hard to resist!  Once the kids were dressed it was time to get serious and jump out of bed and get breakfast on the table.  Sean, Nate and Marko are all avid cereal eaters while Emma-Lyn and I prefer bread.  She likes to have an open face peanut butter and jam sandwich, while I enjoy some peanut butter toast and a nice cup of Hazelnut flavoured coffee!  Yum. (can't wait for tomorrow morning already! :)  With breakfast done and Marko out the door to work, the kids go play while I clean up the breakfast table.  I love how we just seem to find our groove and go with it.  At 9:00 Emma-Lyn and I get our school work out and have fun printing and reading and making shapes. After her lesson I do some laundry and tidy up a bit.  At 10 we have our morning snack.  The kids LOVE snacks!  And I have to admit I enjoy it too, we sit around the table together and chat or listen to music or read a story, so its a nice relaxing time.  Once Emma-Lyn and Nate are done and off playing again, Sean and I settle in for our school time.  We talk about the day of the week and month and what the weather is like.  We tackle some math, we read another story and work on phonics and science and before you know it its lunch time.  Some days go better than others and this day was a great day to be sure, no frustrations or interruptions from the other little ones.

We have our lunch around 12:30 and Emma-Lyn and Nate are both off to naps once they're finished.  Nate is thinking he would like to resist naptimes, but I am not ready for that so with a few books in his bed he is shuffled off to napland.  Emma-Lyn still really enjoys her nap so its an easy job to get her down.  Today after they were down, Sean and I played Aggravation.  It was a lot of fun!  This was one of my favourite games when I was young.  Sean really enjoyed it too even though he didn't win.  Afterwards he kept playing with the game and trying to come up with different ways to play it while I sat down with my book.   So nice to have a little time to read during the day.

Nate and Emma-Lyn were up at 3:00 so it was time for another snack.  This time during snack we put on the Dance Baby Dance cd.  What a hoot!! Once the cookies were eaten we got out in the middle of the kitchen floor and shook our booties!  We were crazy dancing people in the kitchen!  My energy ran out before the kids so I headed for the living room while they carried on.  They decided to spice things up a bit and take part in the music making by pulling out my pots, pans, spoons and whatever else they could find.  They were so hilarious!  They came out to show me their "band"  Sean was wearing a stainless steel bowl on his head and banging on a pot, Emma-Lyn was wearing the blue colander on her head and also had a pot in hand--I think she was using it like a guitar.  Nate just came running out with a pot in his hand, happy as all get out!

I let them watch some Clifford while I cleaned out and organized my linen closet...that place was a disaster!  So glad to have that job done.  Once their show was over I took them one by one to have a bath.  The tub is narrow and the kids all like to pretend they're swimming so this is the best set up, plus this way I get some extra one on one time with each of them.  Once the tubs were done, I got supper started and helped the kiddos tidy up their toys.  Daddy came through the door at 6 and supper was on the table.  Nate was off to bed at half past 6 , he was a little reluctant but after his story and song he settled right in.

The other two enjoy doing Zumba with me before story time so we pick three songs and have fun.  Sometimes they play along and other times they cheer me on.  Then we all settle in on the couch for prayer time and stories.  The kiddos wearily climbed the stairs to bed, we sang them songs and tucked them in.  We always tell them that "Mommy loves them, Daddy loves them and Jesus loves them more."  This evening Emma-Lyn told us that "Emma-Lyn loves us and Jesus loves us most."  So sweet.

Some days I feel like I'm going crazy in this house, but today, today was a very grand day indeed. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching Up

I was going through my pictures and realized I hadn't put up much from Christmas so I have a couple to share and a couple pictures from Emma-Lyn's birthday.  I can hardly believe my little girly is 4 years old already!  We had a few friends over and the kids had a great time playing together.  A pretty low key kids party.  

The kiddos are loving the swimming lessons.  Sean is doing well and is very excited to try new things.  I was impressed when he showed me how he could swim underwater.  Emma-Lyn is also enjoying being in the pool and trying out her new abilities.  Nate is pretty thrilled with being in the water but doesn't like to stray too far from Mommy.  I enjoy being in the pool too, but man, by the time we get home I'm all in but my shoelaces!

Life is busy but good.  On Tuesdays we go to a Bible study in Charlottetown in the morning.  I love the time spent with other mothers and time for the kids to play with their friends and we try to run some errands in town while we're there and make a day of it.  On Wednesdays we have a Bible study here in Montague which the children home which is nice since we're off to swimming lessons on Friday afternoons.  You throw a prayer meeting in there for Marko and an evening to Stratford for me to do Zumba with the girls and life can seem pretty busy. 

Also I feel I should confess...I am a crappy Canadian!  I HATE the cold!!!  I know there is some tv ad that says Canadians love the cold and can do manner of things in the cold but I AM NOT THAT KIND OF CANADIAN! I don't know about you but I'm already dreaming about sunny summers, walks along the beach, BBQs, campfires, smores...sigh.. :)

Part of the kids Christmas concert.  This is the entire Sunday School at our church.  Yes, we are a small church. :)

The kiddos on Christmas eve.  I told Nate to put his head up (he had been looking at a book)...funny kid!

Emma-Lyn waiting to open her gifts,..Doesn't she look like she's been put on time out??

Opening gifts with big brother Sean behind her to help read the cards for her.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I must admit I love having a routine.  For me it helps the day move along and you can look forward to things happening throughout the day and the week.  I'm looking forward to getting back to our ladies Bible study in Charlottetown tomorrow and then the one on Wednesday in Montague.

Sean is doing well with his studies, he loves working things out and listening to stories.  Today we had a lot of fun.  After school time and lunch was over we all had some play time outside in the snow.  We pretended we were the good guys and went about with swords (i.e. sticks) in our hands and we destroyed all the buildings that the bad guys were in.  We had to use our escape pods at one point but, in the end we were victorious!  We trooped back in the house and settled in for some hot chocolate and cookies while I read book after book after book. We had bath time after that which turned into a bit of a thing as Nate decided it would be a good idea to poop in the tub...Aughhhh, . We enjoyed a yummy supper of Triple Pepper Bacon Sausage Pasta Bake! After supper and the dishes were washed and Nate was off to bed, we had some Zumba time.  Both kiddos and I have a great time in the evening getting our dance going.  Then its pray time, story time and off to bed.

This semester we hope to have all three kiddos into swimming lessons!    One of the other homeschooling moms was able to organize swimming lessons with the local pool and they even have a class for the little guys.  I'm pretty sure Nate is going to LOVE this.

Hmmmm, lets see what else is new...We've done some changes in our living room.  We took out the much loved big rocking chair and put in a bookshelf.  While we loved the chair we were in desperate need of a new bookshelf.  If you'd like a big comfy rocker, you are more than welcome to take it off our hands.   I can hardly believe we've been in our little home for over a year now.  I just love our little place.  We've taken down the wall paper in the bathroom but haven't really gotten much farther than that.  Maybe this summer we'll get that tackled. Well I guess that covers most of it...

Here's a pic of the other two doing their own thing while Sean and I do school.  Emma-Lyn loves to be a big girl and "read" to Nate.