Monday, January 09, 2012

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I must admit I love having a routine.  For me it helps the day move along and you can look forward to things happening throughout the day and the week.  I'm looking forward to getting back to our ladies Bible study in Charlottetown tomorrow and then the one on Wednesday in Montague.

Sean is doing well with his studies, he loves working things out and listening to stories.  Today we had a lot of fun.  After school time and lunch was over we all had some play time outside in the snow.  We pretended we were the good guys and went about with swords (i.e. sticks) in our hands and we destroyed all the buildings that the bad guys were in.  We had to use our escape pods at one point but, in the end we were victorious!  We trooped back in the house and settled in for some hot chocolate and cookies while I read book after book after book. We had bath time after that which turned into a bit of a thing as Nate decided it would be a good idea to poop in the tub...Aughhhh, . We enjoyed a yummy supper of Triple Pepper Bacon Sausage Pasta Bake! After supper and the dishes were washed and Nate was off to bed, we had some Zumba time.  Both kiddos and I have a great time in the evening getting our dance going.  Then its pray time, story time and off to bed.

This semester we hope to have all three kiddos into swimming lessons!    One of the other homeschooling moms was able to organize swimming lessons with the local pool and they even have a class for the little guys.  I'm pretty sure Nate is going to LOVE this.

Hmmmm, lets see what else is new...We've done some changes in our living room.  We took out the much loved big rocking chair and put in a bookshelf.  While we loved the chair we were in desperate need of a new bookshelf.  If you'd like a big comfy rocker, you are more than welcome to take it off our hands.   I can hardly believe we've been in our little home for over a year now.  I just love our little place.  We've taken down the wall paper in the bathroom but haven't really gotten much farther than that.  Maybe this summer we'll get that tackled. Well I guess that covers most of it...

Here's a pic of the other two doing their own thing while Sean and I do school.  Emma-Lyn loves to be a big girl and "read" to Nate.

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