Monday, January 30, 2012

What a Grand Day

It was a most wonderful day.  Nothing too amazing or out of the ordinary happened but, sometimes that can be pretty grand in itself!  I managed to get my lazy bones out of bed early to read my Bible and just have some time to myself.  I like to be up by 6:30, it gives me a half hour start before the kids start clamoring out their beds. I enjoy peeking out the front door window to see if anyone else is up and if the sun might be up this time of day yet too.  Today the kids came running out of their rooms at 7 o'clock on the dot.  They were sleepy eyed and had some serious bed head, but they were also full of hugs, which is always a great way to start the day in my books!

They went back to their rooms to play and get ready for the day while I contemplated making the bed but then chose to snuggle back under the covers for just a little bit.  Those cozy comforters are just so hard to resist!  Once the kids were dressed it was time to get serious and jump out of bed and get breakfast on the table.  Sean, Nate and Marko are all avid cereal eaters while Emma-Lyn and I prefer bread.  She likes to have an open face peanut butter and jam sandwich, while I enjoy some peanut butter toast and a nice cup of Hazelnut flavoured coffee!  Yum. (can't wait for tomorrow morning already! :)  With breakfast done and Marko out the door to work, the kids go play while I clean up the breakfast table.  I love how we just seem to find our groove and go with it.  At 9:00 Emma-Lyn and I get our school work out and have fun printing and reading and making shapes. After her lesson I do some laundry and tidy up a bit.  At 10 we have our morning snack.  The kids LOVE snacks!  And I have to admit I enjoy it too, we sit around the table together and chat or listen to music or read a story, so its a nice relaxing time.  Once Emma-Lyn and Nate are done and off playing again, Sean and I settle in for our school time.  We talk about the day of the week and month and what the weather is like.  We tackle some math, we read another story and work on phonics and science and before you know it its lunch time.  Some days go better than others and this day was a great day to be sure, no frustrations or interruptions from the other little ones.

We have our lunch around 12:30 and Emma-Lyn and Nate are both off to naps once they're finished.  Nate is thinking he would like to resist naptimes, but I am not ready for that so with a few books in his bed he is shuffled off to napland.  Emma-Lyn still really enjoys her nap so its an easy job to get her down.  Today after they were down, Sean and I played Aggravation.  It was a lot of fun!  This was one of my favourite games when I was young.  Sean really enjoyed it too even though he didn't win.  Afterwards he kept playing with the game and trying to come up with different ways to play it while I sat down with my book.   So nice to have a little time to read during the day.

Nate and Emma-Lyn were up at 3:00 so it was time for another snack.  This time during snack we put on the Dance Baby Dance cd.  What a hoot!! Once the cookies were eaten we got out in the middle of the kitchen floor and shook our booties!  We were crazy dancing people in the kitchen!  My energy ran out before the kids so I headed for the living room while they carried on.  They decided to spice things up a bit and take part in the music making by pulling out my pots, pans, spoons and whatever else they could find.  They were so hilarious!  They came out to show me their "band"  Sean was wearing a stainless steel bowl on his head and banging on a pot, Emma-Lyn was wearing the blue colander on her head and also had a pot in hand--I think she was using it like a guitar.  Nate just came running out with a pot in his hand, happy as all get out!

I let them watch some Clifford while I cleaned out and organized my linen closet...that place was a disaster!  So glad to have that job done.  Once their show was over I took them one by one to have a bath.  The tub is narrow and the kids all like to pretend they're swimming so this is the best set up, plus this way I get some extra one on one time with each of them.  Once the tubs were done, I got supper started and helped the kiddos tidy up their toys.  Daddy came through the door at 6 and supper was on the table.  Nate was off to bed at half past 6 , he was a little reluctant but after his story and song he settled right in.

The other two enjoy doing Zumba with me before story time so we pick three songs and have fun.  Sometimes they play along and other times they cheer me on.  Then we all settle in on the couch for prayer time and stories.  The kiddos wearily climbed the stairs to bed, we sang them songs and tucked them in.  We always tell them that "Mommy loves them, Daddy loves them and Jesus loves them more."  This evening Emma-Lyn told us that "Emma-Lyn loves us and Jesus loves us most."  So sweet.

Some days I feel like I'm going crazy in this house, but today, today was a very grand day indeed. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't usually read blogs but this made me smile and made me happy that being a mom has those moments!