Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yeah, so Remember Yesterday?...

Today was not at all like it!  I knew it would be busy what with a Bible study, doctors appointments and lunch at Swiss Chalet but I certainly didn't anticipate what ended up happening.

The day began in quite a natural way with waking up and getting dressed and that sort of thing.  It was a bit of a twist throwing Marko into the general busyness but, he was one of the one's needing a doctor's appointment so now we were all headed into town for 10:00.  We got to the church in good time, Marko dropped us off and ran some errands while we were at the study.  At 11:30 the study was over and I packed up the kids, my stuff and met Marko at the doors and we all trooped into the car and off to the doctors we went.

The appointments went very well.  The kids are all healthy and growing like weeds!!  Just as we were heading into the car I realized I didn't have my purse.  And for the life of me I could not remember when exactly I had it last. I knew I brought it to the study but couldn't remember if I had brought it to the doctor's or not.  We checked the waiting room, the car, the examination room and conferred with the doctor and the receptionist about my predicament. They couldn't remember whether I had my purse or not, I knew I had brought in Nate's diaper bag as I still had it with me when we left but, had I brought in my purse too?  They were quite confident that it hadn't been stolen out of the waiting room as they knew who was coming in that morning and it was a pretty slow morning anyways.  We decided that I must have left it at the church.  Unfortunately by this time everyone had left and it was locked.  We decided we would try a friends house, one of the ladies that looked after the children at the Bible study, to see if she had a key and we could get in to check for my purse.  Luckily she was home, but unluckily for me she informed me that one of the other ladies had taken my purse  back to Montague.  I was a little flustered, see we had been counting on going to the Swiss to cash in on the last day to use those buy one chicken dinner and get one free in the month of January and of course the coupon was in my purse.  While I was thankful that the purse was found and on its way home, my tummy was grumbling for chicken dinner.  My friend's husband had pity on me and generously gave us money to go out for our dinner anyways and he wasn't taking no for an answer (he's a retired RCMP officer)  Would you believe at the last minute we decided to go to Pizza Delight where the kids eat for free on Tuesdays?!  I missed my chicken dinner but the kiddos devoured their pizzas and garlic fingers, and who can go wrong with grilling your own bread right?!!

Certainly a day full of fun little twists and turns.

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