Monday, February 06, 2012

Cookies, Yummy Cookies

 Who doesn't love a good cookie now and then right?  I know I love cookies and so do the kiddos.  One of my favourite cookies is Fudgeeos! Yum!  Can't go wrong with chocolate cookie part and that scrumptious fudge filling.  Ya gotta twist the cookie apart and lick off the yummy filling!  Marko bought a box of Fudgeeos yesterday and we all enjoyed a couple for snack today.  So far, not a very interesting story, but wait there's more!!!  Later on in the day the kiddos were doing video games on my netbook and I decided to take some time and head upstairs and read my book.  And we all had a very delightful time, apparently some more than others.  As I came downstairs I saw Sean and Emma-Lyn using the netbook but no Nate, two more steps and I look into the kitchen and there he is, pleased as punch and covered in chocolatey goodness.  He had grabbed the entire bag of fudgeeos and systematically twisted each one apart and ate all the fillings!!! I couldn't believe it!  I laughed, and laughed.  The other two munchkins did not find this amusing as this meant that there wouldn't be any more cookies for snack...I still think its funny. 

In other news I came across this book the other day:

 Do you remember this book Uncle John and Aunt Gwen?  Its from quite awhile ago so if you don't remember I don't blame you.  But anyways, you guys gave it to me for Christmas 1980 (the only reason I know is because you signed it)  I'm reading this book to Emma-Lyn for school time. Anyways it reminded me of you guys which reminded me to get the family picture up:

Ta-Da  my aunties and uncles!!!  What a grand bunch!  From left to right is Auntie Fran, Uncle Johm, Auntie Gwen,  Aunt Mary-Jane, Uncle Barry, Aunt Karen and Uncle Max.  Love you all!!

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