Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

 For once I'm early with a post!!  Can you believe it?!

It was a blustering weekend we just enjoyed.  We got some rain, some snow, some freezing rain and some high winds!  Thankfully we didn't lose our power and enjoyed a quiet Sunday at home.  Marko and I played Risk with Sean.  It was Sean's idea and when he realized that its not as easy to win as playing Sorry or Aggravation he was ready to pack up his armies and send them home.  Later we all sat down and watched the movie Up.  What a cute movie, we all really enjoyed it.

Today we enjoyed some bird watching ,school time and baking and Valentine's crafts.  Tomorrow we have Bible study and then we hope to visit our neighbour and share our Valentine treats.

 We mostly have Blue Jays come and visit us.  Sometimes we have Starlings and would you believe that we saw a Robin yesterday?!

 And here is my happy Valentine cookie decorating crew.  You'll notice an empty spot...that was Nate's seat.  Instead of decorating the cookies, he ate them so that was the end of his job. :)

 Hard at work.

 Very serious work to be done.

 I just LOVE this shot because of that cute little brown eye peeking out at you!

 The masterpieces.

And the kiddos and their Valentine people.


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