Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspirartion From Reality TV

 My husband and I enjoy some reality tv shows like Canada's Greatest Know It All and Canada's Handyman Challenge, but our favourite has to be The Amazing Race.  We love getting to know the different teams and seeing all the different countries they travel to as well as watch them struggle through road blocks and detours.  The 20th season just began yesterday and while we couldn't pick a team that we really liked, we did enjoy watching their last challenge which was to make 120 empanadas.  The empanadas looked so tasty!!  I knew when I saw them I just had to try them!  Ya gotta love the internet and its plethora of information and in this case recipes. I found a doable recipe and Marko and I set to work this afternoon making them for supper.  And here is the result:

They were ever so tasty and we were able to make some small ones that the kids enjoyed too.  I'm looking forward to making these again and trying some variations on the fillings!

Also today we went to town to check out a vacuum that a friend of mine was selling.  The one I have been using is slowly dying and making vacuuming a most drawn out and arduous chore!    So I was very excited to hear that a friend was selling hers and here it is:
She's pretty big and fairly heavy but I LOVE it!  It's not half as loud as my old Black Beast (the Dirt Devil we got when we got married) and it does such a great job and all of the attachments work!  I tried it out as soon as we got home and it was fantastic!   Sean and Emma-Lyn have been in charge of vacuuming the kitchen and the living room so we'll see what they think of it when they get their crack at it on Friday. :)

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Clint Baker said...

Thank you for the kind words! And yes you are welcome to link this to your sight! In Jesus name, amen!