Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Valentine's Day Adventures and More...

 We had a pretty busy Valentine's Day and it was a lot of fun.  In the morning we headed into Charlottetown for the Bible study which was great.  The kids got to decorate more sugar cookies and eat them.  After that we had a few errands to run.  We wanted to go to the Bulk Barn so the kiddos could pick out their own Valentine treats, then to Marks Workwarehouse in search of a present for Daddy and then to Value Village for cushions.

The kids love going to the Bulk Barn there is just so much to choose from.   Emma-Lyn picked out some tasty little jelly beans while Sean went with the classic Skittles and Nate decided to go for some Valentines themed Smarties. They  all just had to carry their own bag of goodies to the cashier.  We also picked up a little Bridge Mixture for Daddy to enjoy.  We walked to Marks from there and didn't have much luck so we piled back into the car to Value Village.

We found 3 identical pillows at VV and I was thrilled, but I wanted to be sure that it was a good price so I stuck them in the toy area in hopes that no one else would pick them up.  I hustled the children to the front of the store.  While we were making a bee line for the door Emma-Lyn informs me that she has to go pee.  I tell her it'll be okay and we just have to run to Fabricville and then we'll be back at VV.  I check the prices at Fabricville and indeed the cushions at VV are a much better deal so I scurry the children back out the door and into VV, specifically the toy section where I was happy to see my three cushions were awaiting my return.  I was so pleased I allowed the children a few minutes of play time with the toys.  Then Emma-Lyn looks up at me and piteously announces that she has just peed her pants.  Oh dear, why didn't I listen to her earlier.  I didn't have a change of pants on me and we had just made plans to go to McDonalds for lunch.  We walked down the girls aisle and found a really cute pair of jeans for only 1.99!  Great! We got them and the pillows and quickly got Emma-Lyn changed (thankfully I did have a change unders for her.)

The kids loved going to McDonald's for lunch.  I really enjoyed myself too, I met some new ladies and had a great conversation with them.  So fun to make new friends at McDonalds.  After lunch we headed home.  I was shocked at what I saw when I pulled in the driveway, not only did I forget to lock the front door but I also forgot to shut it!!  Gaaaaah.  Thankfully nothing happened while we were out but, man have to get my head screwed on a little tighter I think!! :)

We piled out the car and grabbed our container of cookies for our neighbour and headed over for a lovely little visit.  The kids love it because she gets cable and they got to watch a couple of their favourite programs.

The kids had their supper and were already for bed when Grammie Peric arrived and Marko and I were able to go out for some Chinese food.  Also we stopped into Buy-Rite for material for the cushions we just bought.  In case you're wondering, the cushions are for the children.  At bedtime now, all three of them are up (Nate used to go to bed early) so this makes prayer time and story time a little tricky as everyone would like to sit on someone's lap.  Our solution was to get each of them their own personalized cushion that they could sit on on the floor.  The kids LOVED the idea so this is what we were up to.

So, today Sean, Emma-Lyn and I tackled the project of making pillow covers for our cushions.

 Here we are all set up and raring to go.

 We made envelope pillow covers, so our first step was to press and pin our seams.  And here they are working away.

 Next it was time to sew it together.  Look at that smile...and those bangs so long...Later I cut her bangs a cut and gave Nate's hair a trim.

 Love this shot.
 And here is Emma-Lyn's finished project.  As far as sewing went she was in charge of pressing the foot pedal as I guided the material through the sewing machine.

 Sean getting started.

 And I would say he LOVES the result! :)
And there we have all three cushions.  Not too shabby a job coming from someone who doesn't sew all that much and totally messed up Nate's cover the first time around.


Savannah McQueen said...

Your kids were so cute with that sewing project. It inspired me to write a sewing prompt for this week's blog hop. You should consider linking up with it. I am enjoying your site.

Laura said...

Thanks Savannah, I just popped over to your blog and it looks great. I would love to link your blog to mine. :)

Savannah McQueen said...

Hey Laura! Just a quick note to say that the blog hop is up and running. Here is a direct link if you'd like to link this post up -

Savannah McQueen said...

I tweeted about your post!

Laura said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever had my blog tweeted about! :) Thanks Savannah!

S said...

Love the cushions! My daughter always wants to help me sew whenever I sit down to the machine.

Laura said...

Thanks S I wish I was a better seamstress and could do more projects--have to keep trying some simple things and work up some confidence! :)