Monday, March 26, 2012

Could It Be Spring?!

 For the rest of the world it probably is spring and wonderful and the flowers are blooming and the temperature is rising.  But for the maritimes, we are currently anticipating a winter storm with expected snowfall of about 10 cms and winds should be gusting to about 90kms!! Thrilling ain't it?!

That said, I am ever so thankful  to have enjoyed the two days of spring we had last week.  The kids were super excited to play outside.  We even managed to get the swings back up.  You should have heard Nate giggle and holler with excitement!  Sean was thrilled to get his bike out again.  We even went for a walk down to the waterfront.

 Two happy kiddos swinging away.  You will note Sean in the background.  He grabbed an old crib rail out of the garage and used it as a ladder to climb the tree!!

 Up, up and away!

 Down by the waterfront.  My little Nate in the big world.

 Sean loved being able to ride his bike around the old turntable.

 Playful kiddos.

 On Friday the cold weather came back and we went on a little field trip to our friend's farm.  There were all sorts of animals to see, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, cows and an alpaca. I don't think Emma-Lyn will ever be a farmer.  We walked into one barn and a ram let out a very loud BAAAAAA and Emma-Lyn nearly leapt out of her skin.  She clasped her hands over her ears and started yelling, I WANT OUT OF HERE!  Yep, guess we can cross that occupation off the list.

 A little goat.

 Emma-Lyn feeding a lamb--don't ya love the look on her face?!


I just thought this cow looked so sweet!

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's March Break...

 for the rest of the Island, but here at the Peric Academy we are still going strong.  We're in our groove and enjoying our studies.  I'm thinking at this point we may take a break closer to Easter or we may end up taking  off a week early in June..we'll see how things go.  That being said, the kids are getting some extra little treats this week.  Emma-Lyn has already been on her sleepover to Grammie Peric's and Auntie Linda's and Sean is going on Thursday evening.  Then on Friday we're all going to a Family Fun day at our friend's farm.  We're really looking forward to that.  The weather is really beginning to warm up so I can see some picnic lunches and maybe some read alouds done out on the deck!

Sometimes it feels like the kids are growing up way too fast...Just this week Nate has decided to try out using the toilet and he has done really well.  He is super pleased with his success and I am too,  but at the same time ya just wanna keep them small for a little while longer...I'm so glad he has such wonderful chubby cheeks to kiss!

One afternoon after all our work was done and it was too early for supper we decided to bring the blocks down to the living room.  What a great time we had!  We built many buildings and forts with the duplos.  Then after spending time making things by ourselves we all worked together and made a little wooden village complete with, museums, zoos and gas stations.

I LOVE my job!! :)

 Nate taking a crack at school work.

 Eamm-Lyn my serious student...

 Or should I say goofball---this was her idea and then the boys felt they should try it out too.


 He couldn't quite figure out how the other two got it to stick up there..

 Hmmmm, this looks interesting.


Our village.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Why We Chose To Homeschool

Today I'm gonna tackle a topic that has a tendency to be a tad touchy.  I would like to say first and foremost this post is not about slamming other methods of education.  It is merely a post about the reasons why we have chosen to homeschool. 

As parents we have many options open to us as soon as that wee little one makes his or her appearance in the grand world.  Will we breastfeed or bottle, will it be disposable or cloth diapers, will we do attachment parenting or not... the list goes on and on.  Choosing how to educate your child is just one among many choices.  When we were faced with thinking about our first born child and education  I thought we would do what seemed that everyone else was doing and that was public school.  I had little to no contact with people who homeschooled.  It wasn't really until I started this blog that I was even really aware of it as an option.  The more I read of homeschooling, the more intrigued I became.

For me, it wasn't the idea that I was opting out of public school, it was that I was choosing something different.  We looked at public school, private school and homeschool  and out of those options we chose to homeschool. Is one better than the other?  Not necessarily, they're just different.  Homeschooling is what seemed to fit for us, for our lifestyle and our needs.

I enjoy homeschooling because it allows me to be there for the discovery and adventure of learning.  I love watching my children as they "get" a concept or realize how something works.  I love the freedom it gives us.  We have our own schedule and if family is coming to visit we can adjust our schedule to get the most out of their visit.  I have additional time  to share my faith as the opportunity presents itself over the natural course of the day.  I like the fact that I am able to assess the level the children are at and go with it.  For instance, Sean may be at a grade two reading level but at a grade one math level and I can plan for that and teach to his strengths and improve his weaknesses without him feeling behind in any one subject.  I know I have only so much time with these kiddos before they'll be grown and out of my home and I would like to spend as much of that time together with them building strong family bonds.  That's not to say you can't do that with conventional schooling, it's just that I have more time to do it in.

Many people often ask, "What about socialization?"  The fact is my kids aren't growing up in a bubble.  We go out to grocery shop, to the playgrounds, pools etc.  We meet people and interact with them and that pretty much takes care of the socialization.  They do not HAVE to be in a class of 20 of their closest peers in order to accomplish that.  I've been told that homeschooled kids are awkward or not well adjusted...think back on your own public school experience, can you honestly say that every child that came out of that was well adjusted?

Homeschooling is what is working for us. Will we use public school some time in the future?  Maybe, depending on circumstances and such.  But for right now this is where we are, and we love it.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

And It Felt Like Spring!!

 What a GLORIOUS day!!  The sun was shining and it was actually WARM!!  I was so pumped!!  Got to hang out my first load of laundry on the line of the season!! Nothing compares to the wonderful fresh scent of clean clothes right off the clothesline!   The kids got right into the act and ran around the backyard full of giddy excitement.  Nate was so excited to get outside that he put on Sean's hat and boots instead of his own! LOL   And would you believe we even managed to have a picnic lunch on our deck!  It was delightful!  I know that this warm weather won't last and that we're sure of more wintery days but, man cannot wait for SPRING!!!

 My laundry!!  Yipppeeeee

 Miss Emma-Lynny stylin in her pink top and boots to match.

 And now she's tromping through my clean laundry. :)

 Little Mr. Peek-a-Boo himself!

 The kiddos!

And our humble little lunch! :)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Gearing Up For Gardening...

 Oh how I cannot wait for Spring!  So looking forward to getting back into gardening.  In fact today the kids and I worked on what we were going to plant this year.  They get to be more involved this year as we've decided to let them plant and tend their own row of vegetables of their choice.  Sean is going to try out corn, Emma-Lyn is trying out cucumbers and Nate is going to do snow peas and in the rest of the garden we'll be doing romaine lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, carrots and green peppers.  So looking forward to getting that started.  We're going to try some plants from seeds in the house and some as plants later on.  Should be quite a fun project for us.

Speaking of food, Sean had this interesting question for us at the supper table the other evening:  "Daddy is church a kind of food?"  Both Marko and I looked at each other figuring Sean was being silly so Marko volleyed it back to him and said, "Well, what do you think Sean?"  "I think it is, it's food for the heart."  O taste and see that the Lord is good!!

Sean was quite the helpful lad this weekend, he set right to work in the morning by getting dressed and making his bed (two things we expect of him) but then carried on by getting Nate dressed and then heading downstairs with Emma-Lyn to set the table complete with bowls of strawberries for everyone.  Such a treat! ( My kids are far from perfect just like me, but sometimes we get things just right!)  And Nate for his part thought he would do my waistline a favour and polish off my secret stash of chocolates for me which I had stupidly left on the couch the night before.

This past week I decided to do some furniture rearranging and space reallocating.  We had been doing homeschool in the kitchen at the table but Sean has a perfectly good desk that has been sitting up in his bedroom barely getting used so I brought down to the living room and set it up there along with my bookshelf of teaching materials.  So far we are all really enjoying the space.  It allows us the enjoyment of doing our reading cuddling on the couch together which is so much nicer than on the hard kitchen chairs.  Also while one child is working at the desk the other two can play play dough or do colouring at the kitchen table without being a disruption.

 Me and my little guy.  I really like how this shot turned out. :)

 Nate loves play dough so I made some the other day in the crock pot...I don't think I'll ever do that again unless I can find a better recipe.  It turned out great but it was just such a lot of work for a toy that has only 3-5 month shelf life.

 Our new school area.  This was taken before I got my shelf in beside the desk.  It makes for a nice cozy corner.

 This boy has some crazy skills!!!

The kiddos helping Daddy make waffles. :)