Monday, March 26, 2012

Could It Be Spring?!

 For the rest of the world it probably is spring and wonderful and the flowers are blooming and the temperature is rising.  But for the maritimes, we are currently anticipating a winter storm with expected snowfall of about 10 cms and winds should be gusting to about 90kms!! Thrilling ain't it?!

That said, I am ever so thankful  to have enjoyed the two days of spring we had last week.  The kids were super excited to play outside.  We even managed to get the swings back up.  You should have heard Nate giggle and holler with excitement!  Sean was thrilled to get his bike out again.  We even went for a walk down to the waterfront.

 Two happy kiddos swinging away.  You will note Sean in the background.  He grabbed an old crib rail out of the garage and used it as a ladder to climb the tree!!

 Up, up and away!

 Down by the waterfront.  My little Nate in the big world.

 Sean loved being able to ride his bike around the old turntable.

 Playful kiddos.

 On Friday the cold weather came back and we went on a little field trip to our friend's farm.  There were all sorts of animals to see, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, cows and an alpaca. I don't think Emma-Lyn will ever be a farmer.  We walked into one barn and a ram let out a very loud BAAAAAA and Emma-Lyn nearly leapt out of her skin.  She clasped her hands over her ears and started yelling, I WANT OUT OF HERE!  Yep, guess we can cross that occupation off the list.

 A little goat.

 Emma-Lyn feeding a lamb--don't ya love the look on her face?!


I just thought this cow looked so sweet!

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