Monday, March 05, 2012

Gearing Up For Gardening...

 Oh how I cannot wait for Spring!  So looking forward to getting back into gardening.  In fact today the kids and I worked on what we were going to plant this year.  They get to be more involved this year as we've decided to let them plant and tend their own row of vegetables of their choice.  Sean is going to try out corn, Emma-Lyn is trying out cucumbers and Nate is going to do snow peas and in the rest of the garden we'll be doing romaine lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, carrots and green peppers.  So looking forward to getting that started.  We're going to try some plants from seeds in the house and some as plants later on.  Should be quite a fun project for us.

Speaking of food, Sean had this interesting question for us at the supper table the other evening:  "Daddy is church a kind of food?"  Both Marko and I looked at each other figuring Sean was being silly so Marko volleyed it back to him and said, "Well, what do you think Sean?"  "I think it is, it's food for the heart."  O taste and see that the Lord is good!!

Sean was quite the helpful lad this weekend, he set right to work in the morning by getting dressed and making his bed (two things we expect of him) but then carried on by getting Nate dressed and then heading downstairs with Emma-Lyn to set the table complete with bowls of strawberries for everyone.  Such a treat! ( My kids are far from perfect just like me, but sometimes we get things just right!)  And Nate for his part thought he would do my waistline a favour and polish off my secret stash of chocolates for me which I had stupidly left on the couch the night before.

This past week I decided to do some furniture rearranging and space reallocating.  We had been doing homeschool in the kitchen at the table but Sean has a perfectly good desk that has been sitting up in his bedroom barely getting used so I brought down to the living room and set it up there along with my bookshelf of teaching materials.  So far we are all really enjoying the space.  It allows us the enjoyment of doing our reading cuddling on the couch together which is so much nicer than on the hard kitchen chairs.  Also while one child is working at the desk the other two can play play dough or do colouring at the kitchen table without being a disruption.

 Me and my little guy.  I really like how this shot turned out. :)

 Nate loves play dough so I made some the other day in the crock pot...I don't think I'll ever do that again unless I can find a better recipe.  It turned out great but it was just such a lot of work for a toy that has only 3-5 month shelf life.

 Our new school area.  This was taken before I got my shelf in beside the desk.  It makes for a nice cozy corner.

 This boy has some crazy skills!!!

The kiddos helping Daddy make waffles. :)

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Clint Baker said...

For for the heart, amen to that! Looks like he already understands what it has taken many of us years to find out. :-)