Monday, March 19, 2012

It's March Break...

 for the rest of the Island, but here at the Peric Academy we are still going strong.  We're in our groove and enjoying our studies.  I'm thinking at this point we may take a break closer to Easter or we may end up taking  off a week early in June..we'll see how things go.  That being said, the kids are getting some extra little treats this week.  Emma-Lyn has already been on her sleepover to Grammie Peric's and Auntie Linda's and Sean is going on Thursday evening.  Then on Friday we're all going to a Family Fun day at our friend's farm.  We're really looking forward to that.  The weather is really beginning to warm up so I can see some picnic lunches and maybe some read alouds done out on the deck!

Sometimes it feels like the kids are growing up way too fast...Just this week Nate has decided to try out using the toilet and he has done really well.  He is super pleased with his success and I am too,  but at the same time ya just wanna keep them small for a little while longer...I'm so glad he has such wonderful chubby cheeks to kiss!

One afternoon after all our work was done and it was too early for supper we decided to bring the blocks down to the living room.  What a great time we had!  We built many buildings and forts with the duplos.  Then after spending time making things by ourselves we all worked together and made a little wooden village complete with, museums, zoos and gas stations.

I LOVE my job!! :)

 Nate taking a crack at school work.

 Eamm-Lyn my serious student...

 Or should I say goofball---this was her idea and then the boys felt they should try it out too.


 He couldn't quite figure out how the other two got it to stick up there..

 Hmmmm, this looks interesting.


Our village.

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You're such a good mom!!!