Monday, April 23, 2012

The Beach, BubbleWrap and Bagels

 With temperatures rising I felt it was definitely time to hit the beach for the first time this year! The kids were ever so excited to go and couldn't wait to get down to the water.  We went to Panmure Beach and picked up Daddy from work afterwards.  The car now has a nice layer of sand on the floor!  Yippee summertime here we come!! :)

 Heading up the dunes.

A great time to play!

 Ahhh the shore, the red sand, the lapping waves--you can almost smell the salty sea air.

Nate LOVED playing in the water, I'm sure that if I had let him he would have just gone splashing right up to his chin in the water!

Sean just loved getting to play in the sand again.

 My happy little trio of beach bums.

 And here we have one of the perks of Daddy's job.  Sometimes he comes home with bubblewrap to stomp on!  This was hilarious.  The popping was loud enough for Sean to plug his ears.  I even got a chance to jump on it--so satisfying!!

 And now we have my first attempt at making my own bagels.  It was a bit tricky but well worth it.  The kiddos had bagels for their dessert after supper tonight!  I think they like it!!  Next time I'd like to try to make sesame seed bagels.

 Boiling away....

And the final product!  YUM!  They may not be the prettiest bagels but, I think they're pretty tasty for a first try.


Bernie said...

So do you boil them in H2O ?
They look yummy

Laura said...

yep :)