Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter and Other Stories

This Easter was a bit different.  We had hoped to be spending it with my folks who were going to make the long trip around to be with us but that changed when my mom's car died.  Then we still had the Easter Conference on Friday at our church to look forward to but, that got a little muddled when Sean got sick.  I still went with Emma-Lyn and Nate but it wasn't the same without Marko and Sean.  We still enjoyed the weekend but it was a little wonky shall we say. 

We ran errands on Saturday and I got to go to my Photoshop course, I'm looking forward to the next class I get to learn how to swap out heads!! :)  Afterwards the kids got to hunt for Easter eggs which just happened to be colour coded! 

On Sunday we had a good ol Maritime snowstorm so there wasn't any church in the morning.  We stayed home and cuddled up on the couch and sang a couple hymns and read a Child's Easter story.  Marko and Emma-Lyn went to the evening service and stayed for supper afterwards.

Today we took it easy from school stuff since Sean still isn't feeling great.  That said, we did manage an impromptu science experiment.  Sean had been reading his Simply Science book and wanted to try out the sink or float experiment.  While Sean and Emma-Lyn picked out things to try, I set up a chart to show our predictions and the outcome from our experiment.  It was fun but got a little splashy by the end of it.

 The kids have picked up on my photography hobby and have been snapping some of their own shots.  Sean took this one

 Marko and the kiddos on the staircase, by the time I got my camera out Nate had lost interest.

 Nothing more fun than roughhousing with Daddy!

 Sweet little guy with his blankie and his thumb. :)

 My handsome hubby, sure do love this man to bits!!

 Who knew Daddy's butt doubled as a pillow?!!

 This photo makes me so happy!!  First bloom in my yard and I love it!  It's yellow, its small and its glorious!

The kiddos and their experiment.

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StephanieAllen said...

In the blanket and thumb picture of Nate he definitely looks like your Dad to me. Must be the "Hope" coming out in him. :)