Monday, April 02, 2012

These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things

I thought I'd post about some things that we enjoy doing as a family.  I would have to say our number one thing to do, is find new trails or visit old ones to walk on.  Last weekend we walked down a trail that I have driven past a couple times and had hoped we would get to visit one day soon.  Last Sunday was our chance and we had a delightful time.  I have to say we have found a new trail that I'm sure we'll be heading back to time after time.  Sean brought his bike and had a great time cycling along.  There were a couple of staircases to contend with, but nothing we couldn't handle.  Marko and I just couldn't get over how lovely it was and how thankful we were to spend time there.  There was a lovely bridge over a large pond that we stopped on to admire the view and of course the kids attempted to play some pooh sticks--it wasn't all that successful since the water was still covered in ice.  Most amusing part of our gallivanting was when we realized that we were no longer on the trail and somehow ended up on an access road. :)  Thankfully we were able to find the trail again and not end up in some farmer's field in the middle of nowhere.

This summer we're going to try out some new things which will hopefully become some more favourite things.  We'd like to get into cycling, only hitch is that neither Marko or I have a bike so hopefully we can find some soon.  Also on our list of things to do together this summer is camping!!  I can't wait!  I LOVED camping with my family when I was younger.  My Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly-Ann bought us an awesome tent that I'm just dying to try out!!  After doing the camping out at my folks place last summer, I'd like to check out some campsites on the Island and see how that goes.

I'll tell you one of our least favourite things to do that we recently had the privilege of experiencing--getting lost!! Or more accurately, losing the children!  On Saturday we headed into town for some shopping.  Everything was going smoothly until we hit Zellers.  At one point Marko took the kiddos down to the toy area while I checked out swim wear. ( I am in desperate need of a new swim suit)  Once I got back to Marko we realized that we were missing Nate.  We looked down all the aisles and then I started calling and getting a little anxious.  As I was making my way down the aisles and calling louder, the clerk at the electronics saw me and asked if it was a little guy I was looking for and sure enough it was.  He had made his way down to the t.v.s and was watching a cartoon.  Phew...  With that over to the checkouts we went.  And of course at this point Emma-Lyn needed to use the bathroom. I took her and Nate and left Sean with Marko in the croweded checkout line.  This time when I got back, Sean was missing.  This sent chills down my spine as the checkouts point out towards the busy mall, where it just so happened the Easter Bunny was having his picture taken so there were extra bodies milling about.  I plopped Nate and Emma-Lyn in the cart and started going down the checkouts and scanning the crowd in the mall for Sean--nothing.  I went back the way we came and looked down aisles--nothing.  At this point I was very worried and nothing I was doing was getting me anywhere, so I headed to customer service to ask them to page Sean.  They not only did that but they also sent out a code yellow and gave out descriptions of Sean to all the employees.  The lump in my throat was monumental by now and I was wringing my hands.  The kids never took off on us before and I couldn't believe that we had just lost two of them in the same store in the same afternoon.  I turned around and scanned the store again and saw Sean's head bobbing towards the checkouts, I took off in a full run and grabbed him.  I have never been so relieved in my life!  On the way home we discussed with the children what we should do when we're out shopping.  I definitely do not want to relive an experience like that again!

 Out on the trail.  The boardwalks were awesome!

 I'm pretty sure I took this pictures while we were wandering on the access road. :)

 Time for pooh-sticks...this side had water but the other side was ice...kind of made dumping stuff over the edge a little anti-climatic.

 More of the pond.

Me cuddling with my sweet kiddos.  All safe and sound with their mamma, just like they should be. :)

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