Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maple Syrup Camp

 Last Friday the kids and I had a great time on a field trip to a maple syrup camp.  It was a chilly day but it was interesting to see the old way of running maple sap and the modern version.  After traipsing around in the woods we made our way back to the sugar shack and learned how they turn the sap into yummy maple syrup in the evaporator.  My kiddos really enjoyed the trip and I'd have to say that their favourite part was getting to eat pancakes fresh off the griddle and drizzled in the best maple syrup I've ever tasted!!!  Such a great day!  We even bought a half litre of maple syrup for ourselves. :)

 The old fashioned way...

The modern version, everything runs through tubes, so much more sanitary.

 The evaporator.

Mmmm, pancakes, oh and for dessert homemade cupcakes!!


Bernie said...

Was this in Woodville Mills at Max's place ?

Laura said...

Actually it's out in Peakes. The owner is Mark Cleaveland.