Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spontaneous Field Trip

Yesterday was a wonderfully warm and sunny day so I decided that after we got our school stuff done, we would pack up a picnic lunch and head over to the MacPhail Homestead for a little field trip.  The kids were excited and so was I!  It is a beautiful spot to enjoy nature.  It's an old homestead that leads to beautiful trails.  The kids just love the trails and the little river that runs through it.  Bridges are a  favourite spot to stop and toss stones and sticks into the water. 

I had forgotten that to get to the homestead you do have to drive down a bit of a dirt road which at this time of year was mostly mud...thankfully it wasn't too bad and the car didn't get stuck.  Also, its still early in the year so the homestead itself wasn't open, which didn't bother us much since it was the trails we had come to explore.

 We found a delightfully sunny spot to have our little picnic. Nothing fancy, just some pb&j sandwiches and water to wash it down.  Now with  full bellies and bodies ready for adventure we headed down the trail.  A couple met us on their way out and they warned us that the snow was slippy.  I wasn't daunted, I had figured there would be snow so we had our boots on and warm pants and jackets, we were set!

  We enjoyed the first bridge and made our way across to the first patch of snow...indeed it was slippery but not unmanageable and we forged on.  Sean was really intent on getting to the little island a ways down the river and I was kinda hoping to get that far too.  We trudged on until it looked like we could go no further, but Sean being the agile boy he is, climbed up the embankment and encouraged us to follow.  It's at this point that I should have said, no it's best we go back.  But I didn't, I really wanted to go further too, so up we all went.  It wasn't until we were at the top and gingerly making our way down that it struck me that somehow we would have to make our way back.  I pushed the thought from my mind and looked forward to getting to the little island.  We were successful and the kids had a great time splashing about and tossing rocks.  Sean did get wet in his attempt to get to the island but that didn't seem to bother him so we played some more until Nate walked right into the river and got ridiculously wet.  We were planning to go visit our friend Bonnie and her girls so it was high time to get out of there before anymore of us got drenched.

Yeah, so the trek back was more adventure than I had bargained for, sliding down snowy inclines is much easier to do than trying to go back up them with a wet toddler!  We did a lot of slipping and at one point Emma-Lyn voiced my own concerns when she yelled, "We're all gonna DIE HERE!!"  She has a thing for the dramatic...But with much praying and inching along we made it.  We were all varying amounts of wet but we were alive and on our way to Bonnie's!!  Bless Bonnie's heart she even had some dry clothes for the kiddos to change into when we got there!

 Our happy little picnic spot.

 Making our way down to the first bridge.

 Gotta love that sunshine peeking through the trees.

 A great vantage point.

 I just LOVE coming here.  It is so peaceful and calm---unless of course you're slipping on snow which is more alarming and scary.

 And of course throwing rocks for that all so satisfying splash!

My weary and wet little travelers.

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