Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Just Some Pictures

  Okay, more like some pictures and some captions.  This past weekend we went for a stroll at one of our favourite spots, Roma.  The kids love the water, the trails and the rocks.


 Now this is the way to travel!

 Creating for art class.

 Some serious business painting with cotton balls.


 Yep, this is my living room through the day...MESSY!

And while it may look like a mess, I know what lies behind this couch are some great memories.  The kids had just been working out a puppet show together.   My kids like to use dinkies and egg cartons for their puppet shows.  :)

And how about some music time.  Emma-Lyn leading the way with her trumpet and sword!

Nate is ready to do some cooking!

Such a sweetie.

Digging for gold...:)


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