Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Walking the Trails and a Haircut

 We enjoyed a fun filled weekend.  It started pretty early with a breakfast hosted at the MacPhail homestead for people interested in going on an early morning bird walk.  The kids were pretty pumped to go so it wasn't hard to wrangle them out of bed.  We enjoyed our muffins, juice and coffee and then headed out with the group to the trails.  I was not anticipating the crazy amount of mosquitoes that would attack us as we wandered along.  Thankfully they had mosquito hats that we could wear which made an amazing difference.  I would have to say that the most interesting thing we got to do was call an owl and hear him call back to us and follow us on the trail.  The kids are now avid owl callers.

 Marko in  his fresh mosquito hat fashion

 This is our guide.  She would play a bird call on her ipod and the birds would hear it and call back and forth while flying overhead.  It was pretty neat to see.

 And finally a tree swallow stayed still long enough for me to snap a picture.

Well it seems we have developed a little family tradition.  On Sunday afternoons we like to go for a walk on a trail.  We're enjoying finding new ones and exploring.  This past Sunday found us trying out some of the Confederation trail in Brudenell.  It was gorgeous and so much fun.  There was a delightfully high bridge that the kids loved throwing rocks over and listening to the ever so satisfying SPLOOSH at the bottom.
 So many dandelions.  I always loved blowing off the seeds and watching them float away.

 Nate scooping up some pretty flowers.

 Brudenell River.

 Waiting for the sploosh.

 Crazy kids!!

We did something that I had been thinking about doing for awhile but just couldn't get the guts up to do.  I gave Nate his first buzz cut.  I was excited to see what he would look like.  Marko and I worked together to get it done and as Marko finished up the cut, I couldn't stop the tears from falling.  My little baby boy no longer looked like my little baby.  He looked like a big boy now...A cute one for sure, but still no baby boy.  I couldn't believe how I reacted.  I had no qualms doing this to Sean but now here I was in tears on the deck because Nate didn't look like a baby anymore.  I'm getting used to it now and I'm ever so happy that he is still such a cuddle bug.  Guess you can't keep 'em young forever eh?!

 My little guy.

 Still goofy...

And filled with silly smiles! I love him! :)

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