Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where Do I Begin?!

What a crazy couple of days folks!  Friday seemed to be getting off to a great start, the weather was wonderful, the kids were excited about playing outdoors, what could possibly go wrong?!

While Sean and Emma-Lyn were tidying up their toys in the backyard, I was upstairs just cuddling Nate and having one of those mommy moments...As I rocked him back and forth and plastered his little cheeks with kisses, I couldn't help but think about the future and how someday I wouldn't be able to hold him in my arms and rock him back and forth and he probably wouldn't want me to smother him in kisses anymore...One day he is going to be a big man with big dreams and responsibilities.  And as I sat and snuggled and tried not to get all teary eyed, Sean came running up the stairs in a panic.

"Mom!  Mom, there is blood on the floor in the kitchen!!!"
"Blood, there is blood downstairs!!"
Oh.my.word.  What on earth is going on down there?  I put Nate down and ran down the stairs and into the kitchen where there was indeed a little pool of blood.  I turned around and noticed  little drops of blood in the living room, and then more and more and finally there was Emma-Lyn sitting beside the couch with a bloody toe!  I picked her up and took her to the bathroom.  As I filled the tub with water and let her soak, I asked her what happened.  Apparently as she was cleaning up the last of the toys outside she stepped on a nail.  Oh no!  So back downstairs and out to the backyard I went, Sean in tow to try to figure out where this nail was.  We followed what little trail of blood there was and after searching we were not able to find any nail.  Back inside we went to check on Emma-Lyn.  She was happily playing in the tub.  I checked her toe and the bleeding had stopped but I was still concerned.  Should I take her to the ER?  Does she need a tetanus shot?  I called Marko and we decided to call the ER to see if it was necessary to go in.  That was a pointless call, they can't tell you anything over the phone.  Next I tried our family doctor--the man is out for the week!!  WHAT?!  Okay, now what?  All this time I had Emma-Lyn's vaccination card in my hand and finally I looked at it and saw the health nurse phone number!  Yeee Haw, maybe now we'll get some answers.  Sure enough, they are able to inform me that since she hasn't been in for her 4 year assessment that she should come in for the tetanus shot.

Great, now we're getting somewhere!  I call Marko and he heads home to take us to the health nurse.  The nurses were so wonderful with the children.  They got colouring pages and crayons for them while we waited.  Nate came with Emma-Lyn and I as moral support for the needle.  Emma-Lyn was a wonderful trooper, didn't even cry a bit.  She and her brothers got new tooth brushes and freezies! She also got a little princess sticker.  I'm thinking the kids may just go looking for nails to step on just so they can get all the cool stuff!! LOL

Now with everything taken care of we all relax and enjoy having daddy home early from work.  Marko and I pulled out the BBQ and got the fixing's together for some tasty burgers.  Marko fired up the grill and we set to work, not too far into it Nate made the mistake of touching the hot BBQ.  I grabbed him and put his hand under cool water but that didn't seem to help so we tried the cold compress in his hand.  This only helps if the patient will actually hold the compress which Nate was not interested in doing.  He did manage to eat his supper after which I drew him a nice lukewarm bath which seemed to do the trick.


Now that brings us to Saturday.  It was our turn to clean the chapel.  The kids played out on the deck and the front lawn while I headed upstairs to clean and Marko started on the main floor.  Everything was going smoothly until I heard Marko yell, "WHOA, GET THAT OUT OF HERE NOW!!!"  I dropped what I was doing, I had a sinking feeling I knew what "THAT "was.  You see, on the previous Wednesday the kids and I had been at the chapel for Bible study and afterwards as I headed out to my car I had noticed something sticking out from the grill.  As I walked closer I realized it was a dead bird!! My friend Laura pulled it out and the kids had looked at it and she had disposed of it.  And now, now I was afraid that perhaps one of the kiddos had found the dead bird's disposal site...

Yep, my intrepid explorer Nate, had found the bird and picked it up by the head and brought it into the chapel for all to see.  And not only that, he KISSED IT ON THE BEAK!! YUCK!!! Marko marched him back outside and made good and sure that no kids would be finding that dead bird again!

In the afternoon we headed into town to take Sean to his friend's birthday party while Marko and I took Nate and Emma-Lyn on a date to McDonalds.  They love the one in Charlottetown because it has a great play place.  They had a blast and we enjoyed the time too--no injuries and no dead animals!!  Afterwards we went to Sears and I finally found a new swim suit!!  I had searched high and low for one so I was super thrilled to finally have one.  We picked Sean up and headed over to the Superstore for a cheap supper.  By the time we got home we were all in but our shoelaces.

On Sunday after lunch we landed at Buffalo Provincial Park.  We had hoped to go to the bird sanctuary but they don't open until June.  We were thrilled that we got to see the buffalo though.  Often when you come here they all seem to be hiding in the woods but, today they came out wandered around a bit.

  Mostly looks like brown lumps wandering on the grass. 

This is Nate attempting to call the buffalo over to him.  Love the hair.

We then trucked over to a new trail close to Knox's Falls.  The kids love to explore and often rush ahead to check everything out.  If they do get too far ahead of us we'll call them to stop and sometimes when we catch up to them this is what we find:
"Man, my parents are sooooo slow!!"

Sadly on Monday Marko had to go back to work.  The weather was amazing though so the kiddos and I hauled out the sprinkler.  They were so thrilled.   All you could hear were their peals of laughter and squeals of joy as the danced in and out of the water!

Sean making a magnificent leap!

Emma-Lyn the stylish dancer

And then there are those, who find dancing in the sprinkle a serious business!!

Safety first people, gotta wear your hard hat.

The best part about having the sprinkler going was that it made a most wonderful mud puddle at the bottom of the slide.  The kids splashed and splashed and splashed some more, until they were pretty much covered in mud!!

Lovely no?!  He dunked his head in the puddle.

I do believe he is following in his big brother's footsteps!

The happy muddy trio!  What a great weekend for memories!


Mom D said...

Don't you just love life? I love the picture : Our parents are so slow. ;)
(in case you are wondering who Mom D is just think hagelslag ;) ;)

Kim G said...

I had so much fun reading this! The dead bird had me laughing for sure. yes those cuddling moments don't last nearly long enough.