Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Finish Line

Today was Sean's last day of Grade 1!!  We had a great year.  Full of ups and downs and sideways but, I'd say we both really enjoy homeschooling and are looking forward to next year.  We made the last day special by baking a cake together and having a picnic lunch in the backyard.  I'm so proud of what he has achieved this year.  He is a very motivated learner and enjoys finding out about anything and everything!  I would say his favourite topics were reading, multiplying and putting together his memory verses.  We enjoyed several field trips over the year with his favourite being going to see the Sound of Music at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown.  I'm already looking forward to and planning for next year.  Tonight when I put Sean to bed and reminded him of how proud I was of him he told me that I was the best teacher he ever had..Sweet.

In other news, we recently moved Emma-Lyn out of Sean's room and Nate into his room.  We did it kinda spur of the moment one evening when we were putting the kids to bed.  Thankfully it didn't take too much finagling and the kids are adjusting well.  I felt Emma-Lyn needed something to help her feel that this room change was special so we walked to Home Hardware and bought some Princess wall decals to put up.  She was so pleased to have her special girly room.

Last Saturday we went to the mainland to visit my family.  The kids love going on the boat, even if it is the Crappy-Day Island instead of the Confederation.  We had a wonderful visit with my folks.  The kids did some gardening with Gramma and Auntie Karina while Grampa and I provided some dancing and singing entertainment.  We watched the fish in the pond and ate lots of food, although no turnip or parsnip sticks like Gramma promised. 

 Auntie Karina and Emma-Lyn working together.

 Sean doing his part...

 And Nate tossing some dirt all the while clutching his little trucks firmly to his chest.

 The Hopes and grandkids.

 Gramma Hope and the kiddos.

 The boys' room.  Now you also get a peek at what the renos are looking like.  Nothing says homey like puke green walls!

And now for Emma-Lyn's room
 Loving the princesses. :)


Ellen said...

lovely blog! I'm your newest follower --- we move to PEI in August and plan to homeschool and homestead!

Laura said...

Ellen, so lovely to meet you! So exciting that you're moving to PEI! Where are you coming from? We have a wonderful Homeschool support group here, if you'd like we could chat more and I could hook you up with the group when you get here too. My email addy is Thank you for following my blog, I love meeting new people.