Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This week we decided we needed to take a step forward in our home renovations.  We've had the bathroom in a sort of a limbo reno land for awhile now and it looks it may just have to stay that way for awhile longer, its just too big a bite to chew off right now.  We decided that tackling the kids room may just be the bite size reno we can handle right now.  It took some doing but with the kids help we were able to strip the wallpaper in Sean and Emma-Lyn's room.  Now the room is an ugly green colour and we can see that there will need to be some touch ups and such but nothing major, all definitely doable jobs.  I have a little more wall paper removal to do--the tedious small and awkward places stuff.  Then we'll be sanding and mudding and sanding some more before we get primer and paint up on the walls.  The kids were really excited about this project.  So excited that the first thing they would do in the morning was move the furniture out of the way so we could get to work right away!!  I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I will so you can see our progress. :)

This weekend we did make it to the bird sanctuary.  We had a lovely time.  The Canadian geese came to greet us at the gazebo and then off we went down the trails. The kids are good little hikers, we had fun finding Lady Slippers, wood peckers and our way back to the car.  A couple of times it got a little dicey as to whether we were still on the trail or not--thank goodness for blaze tape!

We are slowly winding down the school year, I hope to have everything wrapped up by next Thursday.  It has been a great year, full of ups and downs but a great adventure to be sure.  I'm already excited to be thinking and planning for next year.  Sean has enjoyed it  and is a motivated learner.  Currently he has a love for French and he and Emma-Lyn and Nate sat down to watch the Curious George movie in French--all the way through.  I'm definitely looking into French curriculum for the fall!

As far as getting projects done, I'm finally tackling my recipe book.  The poor thing is falling apart and looking the worse for wear.  I bought a binder and a bunch of page protectors and am now in the process of typing out my favourite recipes.  Once I get the ones I like out of my recipe book, I'm going to go through some of my well used cookbooks and grab the recipes out of there so I have all my faves in one easily locatable spot!  I'm also hoping to get to work on some photo albums.  I have so many pictures and none of them in print and it's time I did something about it!  Hopefully I'll be able to get a jump on that as soon as I get through my recipes.

 The high and mighty older Canadian goose!!!

 Yeah, well if he can do it, so can I!!!

 The toops

 Something tells me, they weren't doing it right...

 A delicate white Lady Slipper.  PEI's provincial flower.

And when I look at a shot like this I feel like time is just flying by and my kiddos are growing up right before my eyes!!

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