Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Fun is Here Again!

Yay for summer activities!  This past Friday saw us enjoying a lovely day at Avonlea Village in Cavendish.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this place has Islander days.  Just needed my PEI driver's license and we got in for free!!  For the rest of the summer if you are an Islander and you have a paying customer with you, you can still get in for free! How cool is that?!!  LOVE IT!  And we had a wonderful time while we were there.  The actors do a great job with the scenes and staying in character throughout the day.  The music was awesome!  Nothing like some good ol' maritime music to get your toes tapping!  It did start to rain while we were there but thankfully, they also provide umbrellas!  We still enjoyed our picnic lunch and by the afternoon the sky cleared up.  I can't believe that we  were able to do so much while we were there and still not quite see everything.  It seems every year we go, we learn something new which is another bonus in my book, so of course, I can't wait to go again next year!

On Saturday we had a special treat.  The Montague Days Festival began with a parade down main street.  We don't live too far away so we were able to walk and plunk ourselves down in a good spot.  We told the children to keep their eyes peeled as they might know some of the people in the parade.  I'm not sure exactly what they were thinking when they finally saw that Grampa Hope was in the parade.  They seemed a little stunned with disbelief, but they were full of hugs nonetheless.  We were all thrilled to have him and my mom and sister and Trooper visit with us for the afternoon.  It was especially advantageous for us, as we used the extra man power to move the old washing machine out and the new to us one in!  While Marko and Grampa Hope took the kids to Home Hardware, Gramma Hope and I set to work getting the old machine out...This turned out to be one of the most hilarious things we have ever attempted in our lives!   It took quite a bit of gusto to get the thing out and we had to time it so that we pulled at the same time...So there we were counting, "ONE, TWO, THREE PULL!!" And that's how it sounded the first couple of times but for whatever reason it struck us both so funny that we could barely get to two before we were in fits of laughter! What a great way to spend a day!! :) LOVED IT!  Thanks mom for helping so much and laughing as much as I do over the little things!! :)

Sunday was another busy day with church in the morning and then the neighbour's birthday party in the afternoon.  We all went and enjoyed spending time getting to know our neighbours better.  The kids filled themselves with candy, so to help alleviate some of that sugar high we went for a walk on  a trail.  Supper was simple sandwiches followed up by popcorn for dessert while we watched Over the Hedge.  The kids just loved this movie!  Then at 10 o'clock we all set up our chairs outside and enjoyed the fireworks!

Monday morning was simply too beautiful to pass up so we drove daddy to work and then spent the morning at Panmure Beach.  So glorious!  It was just us, the waves and the warm sunshine.  I sipped my coffee leisurely while the children played in the sand and jumped in the waves.  We came home for lunch and to do some chores before we headed back out and spent some more time playing at the beach and checking out the lighthouse and wharf before picking daddy up from work.

Today we headed in town for some visiting.  We stopped in to pick up some beef and visit with Bev and her daughters.  The kids loved playing with Abby's kitchen.  So cute!  Then we were off to Maha's to visit her  and her family before they head back to Lebanon as missionaries.  They are such a delightful family and filled us full of Lebanese food! YUM!

 Anne arriving at Green Gables.

 Nate and Emma-Lyn all dressed up--Nate is gnawing on an oyster shell.

 My whole little bunch.  Sean was especially thrilled that what he picked out was similar to what Gilbert was wearing!

 Just love the wisteria here!

 Emma-Lyn wearing as many hats as her head would hold.

 Some of the homeschooling moms.

 Just love the quietness of this shot.

Nothing says finale like a pig race!!

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