Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun in the Sun

I love the busyness of summer and all the fun activities we can do together.  We've had a lovely time of visiting some favourite spots and trying out new spots.   I also just love doing things outside, like putting the laundry out on the line, or just letting the kids play in their little pool for the afternoon, or doing errands on foot together and I LOVE having my own little garden!  We've already been enjoying lettuce and beans and spinach.  Can't wait to try out our tomatoes and zucchini and cucumbers and sun chokes.   I also planted some carrots but I don't have high hopes for them.  They are puny and few and far between.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Every Sunday afternoon we like to go for a walk on a trail.  Sometimes its an easy Confederation trail and other times we find the more adventurous ones.  This past Sunday we went on an adventurous one at Roma.  It was a great day for it and the kids especially love these ones, with all the twists and turns.  They don't seem to mind the hiking when there is just so much to look at.  I love hiking and it brings back so many fun memories of camping and hiking with my own family when we lived in Ontario.

Tomorrow will be a new adventure for us as we go to Georgetown to tour the naval ships docked there.  And then this weekend we're looking forward to visiting not only with my folks but the Kimmetts as well!! Can't wait!

 Daddy taking down the bear in front of Roma.

 Just love these trails.
 Kind of wild to see that some of the ferns were taller than Nate!

 We walked the blue trail and part of the left side of the white trail.  We've also done the entire yellow trail on a previous visit.

 My little French farmer.
 Loving the bonnet on this girl!

 Nothing like a good pair of wooden shoes.

During the week we pulled out the pool and made our own bubble concoction.  Nothing like blowing bubbles and splashing in the pool!


Now time for the real fun to begin: SPLASH!!!

And then while the kiddos were mucking about this morning I pulled out these old lenses we have and noticed the neat reflection in them and thought it made for an interesting shot.

And so relaxing to look out at the Montague River...

Or in Nate's case, nothing like splashing in it!!

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