Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here, There and Everywhere

 Over the summer Sean and I are reading the Narnia series which we both have really been enjoying.  This past week saw us putting together crowns and swords and shields and scepters and watching The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.a  The kids loved decorating their outfits and playing in them.  Unfortunately we were only able to watch part of the movie as it was badly scratched and wouldn't play.  Hopefully we'll finish it another day this week, but the weather has just been so nice that it's hard to stay inside and watch any amount of tv.

Got a bit of a shocker the following morning when I opened my email and was informed in a note from our local library that I owed them over 20 dollars for a supposed lost book.  I honestly do not remember even reading it let alone taking the book out, but I had and thankfully found it quickly, much to my relief.  That morning we went to the Library to clear the matter up and they deleted all the charges!  YIPEE  Then they invited the kiddos to stay for book club.  So we stayed and they had a great time listening to stories and making crafts.  I enjoyed meeting some of the other parents and chatting with them.  We're hoping to make it book club for the next 6 weeks and invite some friends along too!

That afternoon we spent a lovely afternoon with friends picking our first batch of strawberries! The kids near ate themselves silly in the strawberry patch.  The kids were even more thrilled when they found out their friends were coming back to our place for a playdate and I was super pleased to have more adult talk time with a dear friend.  In the evening after supper we piled the whole fam in the car and headed for an evening at the beach.  It was wonderful.  The kiddos splashed and played and even mommy and daddy chased the kiddos around before stopping for a strawberry break on the beach blanket.  I love summer!

We've continued walking on trails and going on jaunts around the county.  We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon at Georgetown Gardens. What a beautiful spot.  The kiddos enjoyed playing hide and seek and playing with the huge captain's wheel. It was especially nice to find an ice cream shop nearby as well. On our latest trail walk Sean found an old railway spike.  He was ever so pleased and wants desperately to take it to the museum.

In another spurt of creativity, the kiddos and I had our first ever Artist Studio.  We had visited the Artisans on Main and were inspired to make our own artistic masterpieces.  We chose to work with paint and rocks and pine cones.  What a fun time.  We all sat on the kitchen floor and worked away all the while chatting and sharing what we were doing. Can't wait to bring out the studio again. :)

Emma-Lyn went on a sleep over to Grammie's last night so while she was away, Marko and I took the boys down to the waterfront for ice cream.  We had fun wandering along the shore and doing what the boys love best: throwing rocks in the water before making our way home.  And just as we were leaving a kind gentleman gave Marko and I a Tim Hortons 2 dollar gift card from his church.  Nice way to end the day.

Today I was going to take the boys to Cardigan for a jaunt but instead we decided to catch up with old friends and headed to Tea Hill for some beach fun and a picnic lunch.  We were having such a lovely time that we decided to stay in town and go to a park together and get some treats from Tims.  I think I may have gotten a bit of sun today, but it was such a delightful day anways!!  Did I mention that I LOVE summer?!!

 Emma-Lyn with her crown and scepter...I realize that the crowns look a lot more like bishop miters, but the kids loved them just the same.

 Sean all set for battle!

 And little Nate with his dagger.

 Emma-Lyn diligently working on her rock masterpiece.

 My little artists.

 Doesn't he look so ridiculously proud?!!

 A very happy lad!

 Oh and another thing I love about summer: my garden!  Enjoying a bumper lettuce crop!

 And now the tomatoes are beginning to grow!!  So excited!

 And there are even wee little beans growing! Can't wait to taste them!

 I love this view at Panmure Beach!

 So inviting!

 I can almost smell the salty air!

 This is the huge captain's wheel I was telling you about.  I pretended I was on the Price is Right and spun that thing for all I was worth while yelling, "Dollar, Dollar!!"

 Such a fun fountain!
 Just one of the many beautiful blossoms at Georgetown Gardens.

 My sweet little girl with her flowers.

 Dud was totally having a full body ice cream experience.

Sean with his train spike.

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