Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Such an Amazing Weekend!

 We enjoyed  such a wonderful weekend at my folks place I want to do it all over again and soon!  We landed on their doorstep just before lunch.  The kids got right to playing and we got right to relaxing and chatting.  We decided that it would be best to get our tents up before the afternoon got away from us, so before lunch we headed to the backyard to put up mom and dad's old tent and our new tent that we'd never put up before.  Amazingly Marko and I had our new tent up and ready to go before mom and dad did.  Such a great tent, can't wait to take it on some real camping trips!  Just have to give a shout out to my Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly who got us this tent, it is delightfully spacious while being easy to put up and pack away into a neat little package.  Thank you so much!

 We had a break for lunch and then Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly bounded over in their buggy.  The kids were excited to see Frank and Holly and loved having a chance to go for a ride in their buggy.  Nate opted out, just not his style...yet anyways.  Marko and I even got a chance to ride in the buggy, what a hoot!  I mentioned to Marko that this part of our visit felt a bit like being in the Amazing Race.  The Detour was putting up the tent and then to get our next clue we had to go on a crazy fast ride on this buggy! So much fun!

That afternoon I got to enjoy a mini high school reunion.  My great friends Crystal and Ozzy came over for supper.  I haven't seen Crystal in 12 years and I haven't seen Ozzy since high school and that was 18 years ago!!  So very great to see them and visit with them.  Loved meeting Ozzy's kiddos but not as much as my kids did, they had a blast playing with them.  I drove Crystal home which was great to have that one on one time to catch up.  Once I got home it was lightly misting out but we quickly got into our tents (the kids got to have the old one to themselves) and went to sleep after a very exciting day.

It rained all night and I am happy to report that both tents did remarkably well.  The kids got a bit of water in the tent mostly because they were pressed up against the walls.  The grey clouds quickly dissipated in the morning and we were left with yet another gorgeous day to enjoy.  Grampa Hope was going to church and invited us to come along, the kids were excited to go see where Grampa Hope got to sing every Sunday.  They all did very well and enjoyed playing red light green light with the minister during the children's time.

After lunch we took down the tents and got most of our stuff packed.  The kids had been running like crazy all weekend so we let them (and us) have a break and let them watch a little tv while we set up our chairs in the shade and relaxed while watching the clouds float by. It was so lovely.  Then Auntie Karina pumped up the inflatable dingy and I took each of the kids out on a ride around the pond.

After that jaunt and finishing up our packing we threw some supper in our faces and raced to catch the boat--we were the second to last car on.  Phew!

The ride home was a bit more exciting than we had bargained for.  Poor Sean was just run out and quite possibly a bit dehydrated and lost his lunch in the car.  We quickly pulled over and dealt with it and got home and the kiddos into bed.

This week has already proven to be a busy one, Sean and Emma-Lyn are involved in Vacation Bible School in Upton for the week  which they are thoroughly enjoying! All three kiddos had their first dental appointment today which went very well.  Tomorrow all the kiddos will be away in the morning so I'm hoping to do a little shopping by myself for a change.  On Thursday there is more VBS and I have an appointment in town and then a homeschoolers BBQ in the evening. Friday is the VBS wrap up and maybe some quiet time by the kiddy pool in the afternoon. :)

 Emma-Lyn heading out for her ride in the buggy.  She loved it and was super keen to go!

 Sean riding along in the front field, he thought it was really cool!

 Daddy heading out for his ride...
 And there he goes--look at all the dust getting kicked up!

 And then it was my turn and we went for fast paced panoramic adventure!  So loved it.  As Uncle Frank was pulling out the driveway he asked me if I liked the roller coaster rides at the fair and I admitted that I loved them and he put the pedal to the medal and I screamed like a crazy person!! It was Amazing!!!

 At one point we sat around blowing bubbles.  I love this shot because it looks like the bubble is attacking Emma-Lyn

 And a blast from the past!  Don't know what I would have done without these two through high school.

 Yep, we're cool!

 Crystal's, "I'm so glad it is you who has three children and I only have two penguin children!" ;)

 Grampa Hope had a great time with all the children and took them on lion hunt, they were so enthusiastic!

 All tuckered out!

 Our homes away from home.  The tent with blue tarp was the kids tent, they had a room for their toys and a room for sleeping in, they thought this was very cool.  Marko and I enjoyed our new tent and were very pleased with how well it stood the rain over night.

 And now just some pretty pictures from Gramma Hope's garden.

 And here is Grampa Hope's church.  St. Paul United in Westville.

 The inside.  Brings back so many happy memories.

 Loved watching the clouds drift by in the afternoon.

And what better way to end than with a jaunt around the pond. :)

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