Monday, August 20, 2012

Embrace the Crazy!

While there are days when I am sure that I am going to pull every last living hair out of my head because this child dumped her milk cup--again or that that one was found playing in the toilet--again or that this one was found attempting to create his own inventions with materials he found in the garage--again---I wouldn't change my life for anything.  There are other moments that so far outweigh those frustrating ones that it more than makes up for it.

Let me share:  this evening at the supper table Emma-Lyn pulled a red bit off her pizza and asked me what it was, I told her it was a slice of red pepper.  "Well, how do you know that?" she asked, and my response was, "Because I'm smart."  Problem solved.  She wasn't exactly thrilled with my response but let it go at that.  Later on in another conversation, this time Emma-Lyn was quizzing daddy, she wanted to know how Marko knew a certain fisherman's name and before he was able to respond she followed it up with, "and don't tell me its because you're smart."  Both Marko and I broke out in laughter!  That, my friends, was pure gold! 

After supper the kiddos wanted to play outside instead of having indoor playtime and that was fine with us, it gave us a few moments to talk about our days uninterrupted and then we were able to join them outside afterwards.  The kiddos loved having daddy chase them around the house and then it was their turn to chase him.  So much laughing and squealing!  Once daddy had chased them silly and mostly dead tired we decided to have our prayer time and story time out on the deck.  Now, before we got started the little girl from next door came over to show us the new back to school clothing she got in town today. After we all oohed and ahhed we invited her to sit and stay with us for prayer and story time and she did.  I have to give the girl kudos for staying and praying with us.  The children loved having her over and it was just so nice to share with her.

Then it was time to get down to some bedtime business. We quickly filed the kids through teeth brushing and toilet time and into pjs.  Then we sat in Sean and Nate's room for songs.  All the children picked hymns this time which was really special for us.  They usually enjoy having daddy make up songs for them.  Once we finished our last song I scooped up Emma-Lyn and brought her to her room and sat and rocked with her for awhile which I just dearly love.  She is such a little cuddler and will cuddle right into me--honestly I don't know which of us enjoys rocking more!  At this point the boys were getting silly which they have been doing recently at bedtime and I'd really like to nip this behaviour in the bud.  So I quickly put Emma-Lyn to bed with hugs and kisses and then spoke with the boys.  Sean got quite upset and confessed that he felt like he was the worst person in the family. My heart ached for him, he was so sad, we reassured him that he wasn't and that the Bible says that there is none righteous no not one.  And that we all make mistakes.  And we told him that no matter how bad things might get, we will always, always love him and he will always, always be a part of this family. With many kisses and hugs we said goodnight and shut the door, but within minutes Sean was at the door--crying.
"What Sean?  What's wrong sweetie?" I asked.  "I am so happy, so happy to be in this family that I'm crying." He said as he wiped his tears.  I scooped his big 6 year old body up unto my lap and rocked him and kissed him. "I love you so much sweetheart, you were my first blessing and I love you dearly." "Yes, Mommy?  And Emma-Lyn was your second blessing and Nate was your third right?"  "Yes, darling you've got it."  By now, the tears have stopped and he's cuddling into his blanket.  "Good night Sean"
"I love you Mommy"
"I love you more baby."
My heart just melted.  To think that my little guy's heart was so filled with joy at being a part of this family that it made him cry was just heart melting.

Daddy is gonna get you!!

This is AWESOME!!

Would you look at that girl go!!

Ooooh I think Emma-Lyn is gonna catch daddy!

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