Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Life is just Beachy!

 If there is one place on earth that I love it is to be on the beach!  And I love it all year round!  It is really quite amazing to visit the beach in the wintertime and see how the water is frozen and just to witness how eerily quiet it is at that time.  The summertime though, is just so heavenly.  I love the smell of the salty sea air and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore.  I love watching and playing with the kiddos in the sand and what is not to love about splashing in the waves?!

This past Sunday afternoon as I drove the kiddos to Wood Islands I was thinking how easy it is for me to take the kids to any number of beaches in just minutes!  I feel so blessed to live on such a beautiful island. So just to warn you, I have quite a few photos of beaches in this post.

Lets start with Wood Islands.  So many times, we drive by here on our way to and from the Ferry to Nova Scotia that I finally just had to take the kiddos there.  Marko wasn't feeling well Sunday afternoon so it was just me and the kids.  We had a wonderful time checking out the playground and the lighthouse.  I asked the clerk what she thought of the beach and where would be best to go and she actually suggested trying another beach just 5 minutes away that had a life guard area.  So off to Northumberland Provincial Park we went. And we had a marvelous time, the water was cool but totally refreshing and there was a great little playground for the kids after we were done swimming.
 So this is the mini fishing shanty village the the kids enjoyed playing in at Wood Islands.

 And here we have a stunning photo of me wearing a gorgeous yellow jumper and sou'wester combo and as an added bonus a white beard and the cutest little lobster you've ever seen!

 Ahhh, relaxing at Northumberland beach.  Truly a great way to spend an afternoon.

This past Saturday had us back in Charlottetown at Grace Baptist Church enjoying their fun day.  What a blast!  The kids loved the bouncy castles and sitting in the big trucks.  I loved meeting up with old friends and chatting and laughing the afternoon away.

Emma-Lyn practicing her jump shot.

And Nate jumping high in the sky!

The kids LOVED these trucks and especially enjoyed trying out the horns!

Nate's favourite by far was this great green tractor.

Speaking of Nate he has been doing such a great job at toilet training!  I have to say out of the three kiddos he has been the easiest to work with.  We used a sticker chart and he recently filled it all up so off to Dairy Queen we went for celebratory ice cream and we stopped into Walmart to pick up some Lightning McQueen undies!  He loves his undies...Funniest part is pretending the characters on the undies can talk to him and remind him to keep them dry for the day--the boy just eats it all up! 

This ice cream tastes like victory!

Trying to get a shot of my hubby and me and two little monkeys decided to get in on the action. :)

Ready for more beach pictures?  On Tuesday we enjoyed a lovely playdate with some great mommas and their kiddos at Tea Hill Park.  In the afternoon after Sean was picked up to go on his camping trip with his Auntie Linda and Grammie Peric, I took Nate and Emma-Lyn on a little excursion.  I thought we would go to Cardigan and check out their marina there but when we got there I just wanted to keep on driving--so we drove and I found some great dirt roads to go on and one that lead to a great little beach.  As seen here:

The kiddos had a great time exploring and splashing around in the water.

This is where we had to leave the car--the road just ended at the sand dunes.

We enjoyed investigating all the flora and fauna.

A tiny little ladybug

An arctic tern flying overhead.

I love that Nate is on his tipy toes to throw in his rocks.

I tried to roll his pants up to keep them from getting wet--Just an FYI no amount of rolling up will help if your toddler insists on sitting in the water!

A really cool shell we found.

A flock of Canadian Geese hanging out in the pond behind the sand dunes.

And I had the remarkable experience of having this particular critter walk over my foot.  I screamed and jumped as did the kids and then we watched him as he made his way around us.  I had to wonder, if he was the crab I had poked with a stick earlier and this was his moment to get me back!! LOL

 Starfish! :)

And now in case you were wondering  why I chose the particular dirt road I did, here is the name of the road that lead us to the beach:

I just had to find out if it was true--was there really a creek riddled with mosquitoes down there or is it just a cover up so no one will want to come down here?!

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