Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Love My Hubby

He has the patience of Job.  I realized way too late this afternoon that I didn't have pasta for our pasta bake for supper so he was willing to stop at the store before heading home after a busy day.  I quickly threw the pasta and the rest of the ingredients together in the dish and put them in the oven, I even set the timer.  Meanwhile we tidied up the kitchen, then with just minutes to go I decided to pull out the pasta bake and put the cheese on it to melt, only to discover that I hadn't even turned the oven ON!!!  My poor hubby was so hungry by this time, but thought quickly and suggested Naan and green peppers and cucumbers for supper.  Not the most filling supper in the world but it worked in a pinch.  And now, he is busily tinkering with my stand mixer.  Love this man!!

In other news we had the opportunity to see two naval ships docked in Georgetown this past week.  While the kids did enjoy it, they really loved the water bobbles that were viewable from the ships.  Both Emma-Lyn and Sean loved playing in the bobbles, Nate wanted to try it but he got scared and was happy enough to watch the others flop around.

Speaking of Nate, he has been the best little guy to toilet train.  Both Sean and Emma-Lyn were much more challenging, but Nate in his easy going manner seems to have decided that he is ready for this.  We just finished his first sticker chart and we're looking forward to going to DQ to celebrate his accomplishment and then shop for unders for him.

This Saturday was very special for us, since my folks and long time family friends Lyn and Wendy Kimmett came to visit.  We haven't seen the Kimmetts since Sean was just a baby. So nice to visit and catch up with them.  Lyn is the one whom I get my middle name and Emma-Lyn gets her Lyn from.

We've all been enjoying watching the Olympics.  I would have to say that the kids' favourite sport has been Judo.  They especially enjoyed trying out their Judo moves on Daddy when he came home from work!  Right now, we have the Olympics on in the background.  My favourite sports to watch are the swimming and gymnastic events.

Yesterday we went to Charlottetown and met up with Bonnie and her girls and toured the Founders Hall and followed that up with a lovely picnic lunch at Victoria Park. While Bonnie and the girls had to make their way home we continued our little outing by checking out Theodore Tugboat.  All docked tours were free which was great since the kids really have no idea who Theodore is so this way it wouldn't be a loss if they weren't all that thrilled with the tour.   It was okay but I think they very much more enjoyed our impromtu tour of Trinity United church in Charlottetown. Both Emma-Lyn and Sean got the opportunity to play the organ.  The organist was very kind and enjoyed having the children see and try out playing the organ, he even thought that Emma-Lyn was a natural musician.

 The HMCS Summerside and HMCS Moncton.

 We learned that the flags spell out the name of the ship and a greeting.

 Sean's favourite part was the guns.

 Emma-Lyn and Nate trying out the controls.

 Sean and Emma-Lyn playing in the bobbles.

The Hopes and the Kimmetts!

One afternoon the kiddos were happily playing in the pool and I got up to get a coffee and when I came back these muddy monkeys were goofing around in the water!

 Would you look at those faces?!!

The kiddos at Founders Hall.  It is a very well put together program and very interactive even for the little guys.

And of course a shot of the kiddos and Theodore.

 Captain Nate and Captain Emma-Lyn.

 Just hanging in the tires!

And Emma-Lyn our little musician/

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