Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Visitors

So happy when good friends are able to make the trek back to the Island for a visit.  We were so thrilled when Noel and Dwana were able to fit us into their hectic visiting schedule.  They both have loads of family to visit as well as friends so we were mighty excited to hear that they would be able to drop in on Sunday afternoon.  We enjoyed meeting their two beautiful girls.  The kids had so much fun playing and getting to know each other.  It was great to catch up with Noel and Dwana, I would so love to visit with them again next summer at their place in Ontario!!

In other news we've been enjoying more beach time as the weather continues to be hot and humid.  No better way to end the day then with a well deserved dip in the ocean!  I love how different every day at the beach can be, sometimes the water is still and and peaceful and other times the surf is up and playful.  I had so much fun just jumping in the waves with the kiddos.  At one point I had Nate in my arms and Emma-Lyn strapped to my back as we bounced along in the waves!

This week we are looking forward to the Gold Cup and Saucer parade on Friday and then the Sunday School picnic is on Saturday.  Next week will be another week of VBS for Sean and Emma-Lyn which they are looking forward to. I'm looking forward to it too, as it will be some more quiet time that I can get out my school books and do so more planning.  I'm really looking forward to the coming school year.  I'm planning to do unit studies and I've already found some great resources at the local library and there is just oodles of great stuff on the internet.  There's just a few things I'd like to purchase and then I need to figure out my topic schedule.

We've done a bit more organization in our front entryway and have 3 new storage containers lined up under the counter.  I've labeled them with the kids names and now they know where to go to get their hats and mitts and gear.  So glad to be able to utilize an area that was just dead space.  We're also planning a de-wallpapering  party for the second Saturday of September to take down all the wall paper on the second floor of the house.  So if you're looking for something to do that day, please feel free to come join in the fun! :)

Sweet little Nate eating mini grapes at the beach.
 And this is how Daddy does his workout!

 The kids love it!! :)
 Little Miss Mildred playing with the train.

 The whole gang on wheels.

 Mildred thought that this one should at least be taste tested.

 And oh, the ever expressive Miss Estella...both are such sweetie pies!

 I mean just look at that face!! Love it!
 And Sean playing the big brother and giving horsey rides!

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