Saturday, September 22, 2012

Farm Day and Orwell Corner

Just gotta love living on the Island in the Fall.  So many great things going on.  We went to the Open Farm day on the weekend with the MacDonalds and had a grand time!  And then this week we went on our first official field trip to Orwell Corner which was another great day.  My mom and her friend Heather came to the Island to take in the Shellfish Festival and they enjoyed themselves immensely.  This weekend we have the 70 mile yard sale which I'm hoping to get to some of it.  And next Wednesday we get to go on our 2nd field trip and I am uber excited about this one because I have wanted to go to this ever since I moved to the Island.  We are going to the Confed Centre to see the play of Anne of Green Gables.  YAY!!  

So, I'm writing this post at separate times and we went to one yard sale today and scored a microscope set for Sean.  He was pleased.  We also picked up some little toys for them which they appreciated.  This afternoon I worked on some school projects and had a fun time playing cars with Sean.  We built our own little city for our cars out of duplo and wooden blocks.  It's so refreshing to take time and enjoy imaginative play with my kiddos.

Nate and Emma-Lyn enjoying the horses at New Perth Farms.

More horsey love!

I love the look of concentration on Nate's face.

And then they tried to hula hoop together..

And here we have Emma-Lyn's big news--she is out of her toddler bed and into single bed which she is so thrilled about!

And these are a couple of shots from Orwell Corner.  I really love this place.

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Kim G said...

I love Emma-Lyn's quilt! We also took in the 70 miles ys. didn't find anything too exciting!