Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

 This Monday saw us getting back into our Fall routine and  getting back to homeschooling. It has been a great first week.  All three kiddos have been enjoying it.  While I'm mostly concentrating on Sean, both Emma-Lyn and Nate get to participate too.  Our living room is our study area and the kiddos enjoy the best seats in the house--that being on the couch.  I really LOVE home educating.  I love sitting with the kids and reading to them and being read to.  We all cuddle in and enjoy this time together.  There are some times when we get annoyed or frustrated with each other, but thats when quiet time helps us refocus or in Emma-Lyn's and Nate's case sleep some of it off.  Looking forward to our first field trip this Wednesday to Orwell Corner!

Something new this year, it seems that we have become the neighbourhood hangout.  Which is pretty cool.  I enjoy meeting the children from our area and they all really seem to enjoy playing games with us.  After supper if the weather is good, we all head outside to play a few games before bedtime.  Often the kids will come over right after school to make sure we'll be doing the games later that evening. 

Poor Nate got stung by a wasp again..

Nate and Emmy on a trail in Cardigan.  Has to be our favourite trail so far.  We found raspberries, blackberries, apples and a geocache.  The geocache was nothing interesting, just sign the log to show that you found it.  Still cool though.

Sean and daddy racing down the trail together.

The ominous  sky.  We managed to get this trail walk in just before the sky opened up and dumped a whole lot of rain on us!

And this is one super happy boy.  He absolutely LOVES his Lego!

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