Thursday, September 06, 2012

Summer is Drawing to a Close

 Wow!  What a summer!  We have had such a great time together as a family and with friends, from BBQs and bonfires, to museums and music festivals.  There has been plenty to do and wonderful weather to do it in.  This past weekend had us back on the mainland with my family. 

We left on Friday and I enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my family.  There was cake and presents and oodles of fun.  We pitched our tent as soon as we got there and got all settled in.  Saturday turned out to be quite the wildly windy day.  By times it looked like the tent might just blow away so we collapsed it and hoped that the wind would die down by the evening.  Thankfully it did and we were able to settle in for another night.  During the afternoon we had taken the kids to one of their favourite spots; The Museum of Industry in Stellarton.  This is such a great museum.  There is so much to see and do.  The kids loved playing with the water wheels and the model electric train was a big hit as was the working steam engine.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning and in the afternoon auntie Karina and I took the kids geocahing--it was not a very successful event but we had fun anyways.  We ended up in Pictou Landing and enjoyed walking/climbing along the beach.  That evening we enjoyed a bonfire in the backyard.  Sean was delighted when he got the privilege to stay up with the adults after Nate and Emma-Lyn went to bed.  Another big hit for Sean was getting to play with mommy and auntie Karina's old lego.  Dude was in his glory, so much so that Gamma Hope let him take the lego home! 

On Monday morning we made another go at geocaching and we were only moderately successful.  Sigh, maybe next time we'll get it right. ;)  I'm not giving up yet!  The afternoon passed quickly with a little visit down to the pond to check out the fish.  And then we were off to catch the boat and for the very first time this year we got the Confederation!!! I was sooooo happy.  I LOVE this boat!  In so many ways it is better than the Holiday Island.  There is  much more comfortable seating and even a play area for the kiddos. Love, love, love this boat! :)

Such a wonderful ending to a fantastic summer.  This week we are nicely settling into our fall routine.  We had let the chore chart slide a bit over the summer but we're back in the swing of things and I'm already enjoying this time of year.  We will be starting school up on Tuesday after the homeschool picnic on Monday.  The kids are excited to get going and so am I! :)

Yay, Birthday cake!

So in love with the view from the verandah.

Marko rescuing our tent from the wild winds on Saturday.

Emma-Lyn at the Museum of Industry trying her hand at seam filling.

The boys working hard with the water wheels.

The fun of model trains never gets old...

And apparently neither does Lego!

Auntie Karina and the kiddos at Pictou Landing.

Where we ended up looking for one of our geocaches we didn't find it, but we did find this huge soccer ball!!

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