Monday, October 29, 2012

Small Town Living

Gotta say it, I love my sweet little town of Montague.  It may not have all the perks of city living such as lots of cute coffee shops or even more big box stores, but what it lacks in those amenities it more than makes up for in community living.   Take our town library for instance, we love that place!  We're there nearly every week and the children scamper to the children's section, grab a book and sit down amongst the oversized stuffed toys.  Meanwhile, I get a chance to chat with the librarian.  There is one gal there that is a hoot, she loves the kids and is always excited to see them.  And she's always inviting us to come to whatever event the library has on.  This past weekend saw us there for the 2nd annual tea party.  The kiddos LOVED it.  There was story time and songs and a table beautifully decked out with the sweetest little china set of tea cups and saucers.  We enjoyed chocolate cupcakes and our choice of iced tea or orange juice.  The next tea party will be in May and I get to help organize it.   I'm already looking forward to it.

Another great thing about the area we live in is all the great trails we can hit without having to drive a great distance.  We've made it a bit of a tradition to go for a walk down a trail every Sunday.  During the summer time it could get a bit buggy but we still enjoyed finding new places to explore.  This past Sunday we walked down a trail near Cardigan.  There were a lot of freshly fallen leaves to kick about and listen to as they crunched underfoot.  The kids tried to make leaf angels with limited success, it was entirely way too funny to watch them give it a try. We're going to miss the trails in the winter since they become trails for snowmobiles ---hmm maybe time to invest in a snowmobile?!!  Not likely.

My sweet little princess between her princely brothers. :)

I'm not sure why, but I just love this picture.

My superhero kids on our trail walk.

The attempt at leaf angels.

There is a beautiful little stream down there.

I LOVE the colours of Autumn.

The community of Cardigan.

What a cutie!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Look!! We Adopted...

A bunny!!!  Had you going there for a moment didn't I?!!  On Sunday morning I received a message that a friend of mine had news of some free bunnies and wondered if we would like one of them.  I mentioned it to Marko and seeing as the cage and such were free, we went for it.  The kids were so excited to find out they were finally going to have a pet.  They've wanted a dog for a long time but it just never worked out and then along came word about this bunny. 

Our bunny arrived on Monday evening.  The family she came from are moving to Newfoundland and couldn't bring their bunnies with them.  The children were sad to see her go but glad to know that our little family was going to be welcoming her into our home.  The kids were thrilled!  The bunny was quite nervous but content to stay in my arms as the children pet her and got to know her a little bit.  We've decided to keep her in the garage as her cage is quite large and she's used to living in barn.  We'll bring her in the house for visits in the kitchen.  I know rabbits can be trained and maybe we'll think about keeping her in the house, but for now this works out well for all of us.  We had a vote on what the bunny should be called and her name is Awesomelope.  We just love her!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Adventures

We had a wonderful time with my folks for Thanksgiving.  I so love going to their house for the holidays.  I love the view from their house and we always manage to talk a lot, eat a lot and laugh a lot.  Favourite quote of the visit came from Grampa Hope, "We can kill two stones with one bird!" Going to be a family favourite joke for sure!

 We helped Grampa get all the yard furniture put away, well mostly Grampa put it away, we just brought it over to the barn and he did all the organizing and putting away.  Meanwhile we all meandered down to the pond to check out the fish.  I would love to catch one of the big ones, mainly just so we could get a good idea of how long and how heavy it is.  The kids love throwing in the fish food and watching the fish come and gobble it all up.

 The kids were excited to get back inside the house since Gramma had picked up some new gently used toys.  They had a great time with the new stuff--there was a bit of quibbling about riding on the toy tractor but it was all good.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night and we had the kiddos eat first and then settled into bed before we enjoyed our meal.  The food was soooo tasty and there was just so much of it.  YUM! We sat and talked and laughed and just enjoyed our evening before turning in.

Surprisingly the kiddos slept in till 7:30 which was nice and then they went with Grampa to get the newspaper--they LOVE doing this.  They especially love racing back to the house.  I'm sure this will be a treasured memory for them--being with Grampa and running like mad to see who makes it back to the house first. It's a lot of fun to watch as they're all wearing their pjs and Grampa has big rubber boots on.  And even Grampa runs with Nate on the way back in.

After breakfast Grampa headed out for church in time for choir practice.  Shortly after Grampa left, Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly came down the lane way on the tractor.  The kids thought this was really cool!  Little did they know that Uncle Frank was going to let them go for a ride with him.  Nate was a little nervous to get on but he thought it was great and wanted to go again and again and again.  Both Emma-Lyn and Sean had a blast as well.  Thank you Uncle Frank, it was such a treat!

Soon afterwards we were on our way to church.  The kids were really excited about going this time since there would be Sunday school for them to go to.  They had a blast--even Nate got to go so he was impressed!  I was impressed by the amount of people who came over to welcome us--I thought it was a bit funny as we have been there a couple of times before but, that was over the summer and maybe these folks had been away, at any rate we definitely felt welcome!

In the afternoon we enjoyed the warm weather and had a little impromptu photoshoot in the backyard.  The fall colours were just gorgeous.  We quickly packed up the car before supper and we loved the leftover turkey dinner just about as much as the first time!  We had to really move quickly and get in the car and over to the ferry terminal in time to catch the boat--we were the 2nd last car on!

Monday morning the kids slept in till 8 and we didn't get out of bed until 9--such a nice way to start the day.  That being said I think we were all a bit spent from the weekend but didn't want to admit it.  We went for a walk on a new trail and while it was beautiful and we did have a nice time our attitudes were less than wonderful.   Poor Nate fell down or got hurt but he soldiered on, and Sean and Emma-Lyn were cranky and Marko and I were both tired even with the sleeping in.  In the afternoon Marko took Nate on his date while I made biscuits and Sean and Emma-Lyn played.  That afternoon Auntie Linda and Grammie Peric came for supper.   It was a lovely way to finish our Thanksgiving weekend.

 Nate and the tractor.

 Nate and Trooper enjoy their little chats together.

Time to get the paper.

 Now that's a real tractor!!

 Love my family!

 And of course the fish!

Monday, October 01, 2012

More Fall Fun

 Where to begin?!  I just LOVED Anne of Green Gables the musical.  It was everything I hoped for and more.  The music was phenomenal (I so want the soundtrack for Christmas!!) the acting was just as amazing and the sets were so beautifully done.  Sean and Emma-Lyn both enjoyed it as well.  Emma-Lyn even leaned over to me and whispered, "she's going to dye her hair green now Mommy!!" and right on cue Anne went up to dye her hair.  Emma was thrilled to know exactly what was going on.  It was such a great experience.  I just love live theatre!  Can't wait to go see the Wizard of Oz this Christmas.

I have discovered that one of my favourite places to go is an apple orchard.  I don't know what it is about it, but it just soothes my soul.  I love to take deep breaths and just take in the fall aromas.  I don't know how to describe it but, its just so relaxing and soothing and yet invigorating and joyful. And what better way to follow up that experience than going to a new to you beach.  We traveled down a road called Honey Bee Lane and found the most delightful little beach.  The kids played in the sand and threw rocks in the water, while Marko and I just enjoyed the view and the smell of the salty sea air.  LOVED IT!

Which brings us to our homeschooling.  We've had fun with the field trips and look forward to going to the orchard again this Friday but I've so enjoyed getting back into our routine.  And today was just such a day of brilliance that I wanted to share it with you.  Usually after breakfast we have a bit of free time before getting to dishes and then hitting the books.  Today Sean decided he wanted to work on a book for his free time which was fine by me.  However, it took him a long time to do it--it was eating into my schedule.  Instead of getting my nickers in a knot I acknowledged the time for what it was.  It is one of the very reasons I chose to homeschool--Sean was working on a project that he had chosen and that he was very interested in doing a good job at.  Once I settled that in my mind I was able to shut out the voice that kept telling me to get him on  my schedule.  It was very liberating!  He had a plan, he was making a picture book with the stencils we have -- a stencil for each page.  While he was working I got odd jobs done and then he came to ask for help, his hand was starting to cramp from all the colouring.  We worked together and had the opportunity to talk about the value of teamwork. Once the book was complete we were going to settle into my schedule, but again Sean had different ideas and wanted to know why we had to do things the same way every time and couldn't he do math first?!  And since I could not come up with one good reason why we HAD to do it in any particular order, I followed his lead.  Again so liberating! 

 Emma-Lyn hauling Nate through the apple orchard.  This is MacPhee's orchard near Cardigan.  Love this place.

 Mmmmm, yummy apples.

 Having fun in the orchard.

 And here I am at one of my favourite places--the beach!

So relaxing!