Monday, October 29, 2012

Small Town Living

Gotta say it, I love my sweet little town of Montague.  It may not have all the perks of city living such as lots of cute coffee shops or even more big box stores, but what it lacks in those amenities it more than makes up for in community living.   Take our town library for instance, we love that place!  We're there nearly every week and the children scamper to the children's section, grab a book and sit down amongst the oversized stuffed toys.  Meanwhile, I get a chance to chat with the librarian.  There is one gal there that is a hoot, she loves the kids and is always excited to see them.  And she's always inviting us to come to whatever event the library has on.  This past weekend saw us there for the 2nd annual tea party.  The kiddos LOVED it.  There was story time and songs and a table beautifully decked out with the sweetest little china set of tea cups and saucers.  We enjoyed chocolate cupcakes and our choice of iced tea or orange juice.  The next tea party will be in May and I get to help organize it.   I'm already looking forward to it.

Another great thing about the area we live in is all the great trails we can hit without having to drive a great distance.  We've made it a bit of a tradition to go for a walk down a trail every Sunday.  During the summer time it could get a bit buggy but we still enjoyed finding new places to explore.  This past Sunday we walked down a trail near Cardigan.  There were a lot of freshly fallen leaves to kick about and listen to as they crunched underfoot.  The kids tried to make leaf angels with limited success, it was entirely way too funny to watch them give it a try. We're going to miss the trails in the winter since they become trails for snowmobiles ---hmm maybe time to invest in a snowmobile?!!  Not likely.

My sweet little princess between her princely brothers. :)

I'm not sure why, but I just love this picture.

My superhero kids on our trail walk.

The attempt at leaf angels.

There is a beautiful little stream down there.

I LOVE the colours of Autumn.

The community of Cardigan.

What a cutie!

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Kim G said...

I adore that picture of Emma-Lyn!! The lighting is just perfect and it is so innocent and compelling!