Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Look!! We Adopted...

A bunny!!!  Had you going there for a moment didn't I?!!  On Sunday morning I received a message that a friend of mine had news of some free bunnies and wondered if we would like one of them.  I mentioned it to Marko and seeing as the cage and such were free, we went for it.  The kids were so excited to find out they were finally going to have a pet.  They've wanted a dog for a long time but it just never worked out and then along came word about this bunny. 

Our bunny arrived on Monday evening.  The family she came from are moving to Newfoundland and couldn't bring their bunnies with them.  The children were sad to see her go but glad to know that our little family was going to be welcoming her into our home.  The kids were thrilled!  The bunny was quite nervous but content to stay in my arms as the children pet her and got to know her a little bit.  We've decided to keep her in the garage as her cage is quite large and she's used to living in barn.  We'll bring her in the house for visits in the kitchen.  I know rabbits can be trained and maybe we'll think about keeping her in the house, but for now this works out well for all of us.  We had a vote on what the bunny should be called and her name is Awesomelope.  We just love her!

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