Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Adventures

We had a wonderful time with my folks for Thanksgiving.  I so love going to their house for the holidays.  I love the view from their house and we always manage to talk a lot, eat a lot and laugh a lot.  Favourite quote of the visit came from Grampa Hope, "We can kill two stones with one bird!" Going to be a family favourite joke for sure!

 We helped Grampa get all the yard furniture put away, well mostly Grampa put it away, we just brought it over to the barn and he did all the organizing and putting away.  Meanwhile we all meandered down to the pond to check out the fish.  I would love to catch one of the big ones, mainly just so we could get a good idea of how long and how heavy it is.  The kids love throwing in the fish food and watching the fish come and gobble it all up.

 The kids were excited to get back inside the house since Gramma had picked up some new gently used toys.  They had a great time with the new stuff--there was a bit of quibbling about riding on the toy tractor but it was all good.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night and we had the kiddos eat first and then settled into bed before we enjoyed our meal.  The food was soooo tasty and there was just so much of it.  YUM! We sat and talked and laughed and just enjoyed our evening before turning in.

Surprisingly the kiddos slept in till 7:30 which was nice and then they went with Grampa to get the newspaper--they LOVE doing this.  They especially love racing back to the house.  I'm sure this will be a treasured memory for them--being with Grampa and running like mad to see who makes it back to the house first. It's a lot of fun to watch as they're all wearing their pjs and Grampa has big rubber boots on.  And even Grampa runs with Nate on the way back in.

After breakfast Grampa headed out for church in time for choir practice.  Shortly after Grampa left, Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly came down the lane way on the tractor.  The kids thought this was really cool!  Little did they know that Uncle Frank was going to let them go for a ride with him.  Nate was a little nervous to get on but he thought it was great and wanted to go again and again and again.  Both Emma-Lyn and Sean had a blast as well.  Thank you Uncle Frank, it was such a treat!

Soon afterwards we were on our way to church.  The kids were really excited about going this time since there would be Sunday school for them to go to.  They had a blast--even Nate got to go so he was impressed!  I was impressed by the amount of people who came over to welcome us--I thought it was a bit funny as we have been there a couple of times before but, that was over the summer and maybe these folks had been away, at any rate we definitely felt welcome!

In the afternoon we enjoyed the warm weather and had a little impromptu photoshoot in the backyard.  The fall colours were just gorgeous.  We quickly packed up the car before supper and we loved the leftover turkey dinner just about as much as the first time!  We had to really move quickly and get in the car and over to the ferry terminal in time to catch the boat--we were the 2nd last car on!

Monday morning the kids slept in till 8 and we didn't get out of bed until 9--such a nice way to start the day.  That being said I think we were all a bit spent from the weekend but didn't want to admit it.  We went for a walk on a new trail and while it was beautiful and we did have a nice time our attitudes were less than wonderful.   Poor Nate fell down or got hurt but he soldiered on, and Sean and Emma-Lyn were cranky and Marko and I were both tired even with the sleeping in.  In the afternoon Marko took Nate on his date while I made biscuits and Sean and Emma-Lyn played.  That afternoon Auntie Linda and Grammie Peric came for supper.   It was a lovely way to finish our Thanksgiving weekend.

 Nate and the tractor.

 Nate and Trooper enjoy their little chats together.

Time to get the paper.

 Now that's a real tractor!!

 Love my family!

 And of course the fish!

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Anonymous said...

Great story of your weekend in Salem. Yes the kids will make many memories from times spent there. Sorry we didn't get to see you in person, but want you to know I enjoy your pictures and stories immensely. Thanks for sharing. HUGS,