Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthdays and More

This past Wednesday was Marko and Nate's birthday!  Nate turned the big 3!  We enjoyed a full day, we put away the school books and immersed ourselves in birthday fun.  In the morning we walked to the mall to pick up party decorations and Sean and Emma-Lyn wanted to pick out a gift for Nate as well.  They chose two packs of play-doh, Nate thought that was cool.  We also popped into the Superstore so Nate could pick out a toy from Gramma and Grampa and Auntie Karina--they had sent along a gift card and Nate was really excited to get to use it.  He picked out a little Gordon train that lights up and makes train noises. We headed home with our purchases.  I put the kettle on and popped some popcorn on the stove top.  The kiddos settled in to watch their favourite movie, Cars 2 and eat popcorn and sip hot chocolate.  While they were busy with that I worked on decorating the kitchen. I love decorating and getting into the joy of celebrating.  Midway through my decorating Emma-Lyn came to check on me and she just stopped in her tracks as she looked up in wonder and exclaimed, "Momma, so BE-U-TI-FUL!!"  At this the boys came running and the look of pure joy on their faces was awesome!  I was able to get the cake made before lunch and then frosted it in the afternoon.  I'm getting better at the cake decorating, still have a long way to go though.   We had bacon potato bake, broccoli with cheese sauce, chicken nuggets for the kiddos and salad.  Grammie Peric and Auntie Linda joined us for supper, as did a couple of the neighbour kids.  It was a fun night.  Both Nate and Marko enjoyed themselves.

On Sunday we had a little friends birthday party for them as well.  This time we invited the MacDonalds and had ourselves just a wonderful time.  The kids have been friends since birth and just adore any time they get to spend together.  We had pancakes for supper which Marko made--he makes the best pancakes and waffles!!  And while we were waiting for that we cooked up a plan that would involve having the MacDonalds stay over to watch The Amazing Race.  We used to always get together to watch that show; it was exciting to think we might be able to do it again.  Their girls were going to get into some borrowed pjs and sleep in our bed while the adults enjoyed some nachos and a great program.  The kids were excited at the idea of having a mini sleepover and we were excited to have extra friend time too.  The kids took a little convincing to go to bed but they did -- and we all enjoyed a wonderful visit together.

Monday was a day off for Marko so we got some yardwork done and I baked another cake, this time for Grammie Peric.  Later in the afternoon we found a lovely trail to walk  near Wood Islands.  We spotted two eagles and had fun collecting foliage for a bouquet to bring to Grammie.  It was such a beautiful warm day, I was glad to spend it outside enjoying nature.  That evening we enjoyed another birthday supper at Auntie Linda and Grammie Peric's house.  I love spending time with my family.

 While the writing may look like a 5 year old did it, it's a lot better than my "Good Job!" cake I made for Sean when we finished school last year! :)
 My two happy men!

 And this is cake number 2--we bought this one from the Sobeys--it's a Smartie cake.

 Ya just gotta love this gal!  Not only a whole lot of fun to be around, she also does dishes!! :)

 Oh, and who can forget the dancing?!  The kids rocked it out pretty hard.  Favourite part of this pic is Hannah's blue sock sticking out!

 After the dancing finished and children got settled we had story time.  Brian read the Bible story and Marko read the children's story.

These next few pictures are of the finished product from our unit study on the body.  The children enjoyed learning what the different parts of their bodies did, and getting to colour the pieces and put them on their own body.  We've done a short unit on Remembrance Day and now we're into a longer unit on Canada.

 Miss Emma-Lyn with her body.
 Mr. Nate
 And Mr. Sean

And now for some fun shots from raking up the yard and from our trail walk

 They loved sliding into the piles of leaves.

 That is until they started leaping into the piles of leaves!!!

I so enjoy the peacefulness of these walks and am so happy to have these pictures to remind me when the weather gets too cold for trail walks.

 Just thought this tree was really funky!