Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is Coming!!

And our kids are ever so excited.  This year we started a new tradition, instead of doing an advent calendar I wrapped up 24 different Christmas or winter books; one to unwrap each evening at bedtime.  The children have really enjoyed taking turns picking out our Christmas book.  Last year at about this time I took Sean and Emma-Lyn to see The Sound of Music at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown.  This year we saw The Wizard of Oz.  They just LOVED it.  Emma-Lyn was sitting next to me and got very excited near the end and she pulled me close and said, "I know what she's going to do next!  She's going to click her heels and say there's no place like home!"  She was very pleased with herself for knowing what was going to happen.

 I love live theatre--I remember being in a theatre group in Newmarket. I enjoyed some small roles had fun learning to do make up and seeing just what goes on behind the scenes to get a play up and running.  In university I did some more theatre work but mostly behind the stage.  I did some costume and prop stuff but the most challenging job I did was stage managing.  I remember one night at the intermission the stage hand and I went over what props needed to come off the stage what had to go on.  With that checked over I went to the actor (yes actor--there was only one) and the front of house managers and got ready for the second half.  In this play, I think it was called House; the actor had the ability to turn the lighting on and off by clapping his hands.  In one scene he was to clap the lights off and then turn on a mechanic's inspection lamp.  We were approaching this scene when the actor claped off the lights, the entire house was now in utter darkness.  I and my lighting and sound guy were following along on the script when we noticed that the actor had veered completely off script and was adlibing  like crazy.  It was then that I looked up into the darkness and realized that the lamp was not onstage!  I was horrified, and there was not one single thing I could do about it. I just stared into the darkness and hoped that the actor could find the lamp.  Thankfully, he did and the play continued without another hitch.  Phew!  Fun memories.

In other news I've begun working on painting the entryway.  I have about 80% done in the first coat of linen - coloured paint.  I'm so excited to be actually tackling one of our many reno projects.  The kids even helped sand and put primer on the wood paneling.   I told Marko that this was his Christmas present from me.  Although, I'm not sure when I 'll be able to get it all finished, it may just have to wait until the new year.

And for the first time in my short homeschooling history we had a pajama day.  All three kids and I were coming down with the cold so I decided we could stay in our pjs and do some fun Christmas stuff.  We made snowflakes and did some baking and watched a movie.  It was delightful!   That being said, all three kids did change their clothes at some point during the day.  Not me though, I was hard core and lounged in pjs all day!

Today we made up our Christmas treat trays and gave them our to our neighbours.  It was lovely to stop in and chat and share with our neighbours and let them know that we appreciate them.  Tomorrow will be cleaning and doing some final prep for Christmas.  I'm looking forward to spending time with family and friends.  From our home to yours we wish you a most blessed and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

The kiddos all dressed up for their Christmas Concert.

Our Christmas decorations.

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