Monday, December 03, 2012

It Would Seem I Took A Bit of A Blogging Break

 And that would be partly because we've been busy and I had some photo uploading issues to deal with but, now they seem to be solved and perhaps we are in the calm before the storm of Christmas activity.   The kids are so very excited for Christmas. We put our tree up after our first snowfall--it wasn't much but the kids did manage to go out and make snow angels and do some shoveling.

I took the kids out on a tea party date.  We had hoped to go to a little cafe called Ruby's but they were closed.   We were all dressed up so we walked to Kate's Cafe in the mall instead.  The kids thought it was fantastic.  We had pancakes and home fries and they were delicious.  While we waited for our food we had a lesson in art appreciation.  We looked at the different paintings on the walls and talked about what they made us feel like and/or what we thought was going on in the picture. 

 The gentlemen at the table--Nate looks so impressed!

 And my beautiful girly.

\Our ladies Bible study has started up again and it has been so nice to get together with these ladies and share with them.  I've enjoyed being stretched out of my comfort zone for this group.  Some of us have had the chance to lead the study, which at first I wasn't all that keen to do, but it has been a great experience for me. 

It looks like we may be done of our trail walks for this year.  We had an amazing season checking out all kinds of different trails.  There are some definite ones to come back to as well as ones that were less than interesting.  The last trail walk we went on we had such a blast.  We had races, we sang songs at the top of our lungs and just let out loud whoops and hollers and there were some piggy back rides---I even got one!

In other news, Sean has begun piano lessons.  A fellow homeschooling mom is a piano teacher and she teaches at the church just up the road so we thought this would be a great opportunity for Sean.  He has loved his lessons and we are making progress with making time for practicing.  I have an older Casio keyboard that he can practice on for now, we may have to look into something a little better if he finds that piano is something that he'd like to pursue.  Speaking of lessons, the kids have their final swimming lesson at the pool this Thursday.  They all have done a really great job this session and the instructors have been so much better this time around too.

Last week I decided it was time I cleaned out and thoroughly organized my kitchen cupboards.  I took every last thing out and took out the insane little pieces of wood that were nailed down inside some of them--guess it was supposed to be for standing your plates up, but we just found them annoying.  So happy to get those out and get things put back to normal. 

 Here's my kitchen in mid process---this plus the opposite counter top was covered as was the kitchen table.  I had no idea we had so much stuff piled up in there.  It was nice to get rid of some of it and put things in order.

 Apparently my kids think I should never be left unsupervised.  While I worked on cleaning shelves, these two sat and ate apples and looked at books.

We had a wonderful opportunity to be in the Christmas parade in Souris this past weekend.  The kids were so pumped to actually be in a parade.  The church we went to in Charlottetown put in a float and invited us to be apart of it.  The kids and I sat on the float and sang our hearts out while Marko walked/ jogged behind the float passing out candycanes taped to tracts.  Marko wasn't too keen to go, but afterwards he was very glad to have been a part of it.   

Sorry for the hodge podge of a post--guess thats' what you get after taking a Bloggy Break. :)

 Our Christmas decorations:

 The kitchen swag.
 And our little tree.

 And the three little ones all set to go outside...and it is only at this moment that I realize that a couple of them have done some growing and need some new gear.
Time to play in the white stuff!

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