Monday, December 10, 2012

My Big Boy Turned 7

We made the big decision this year that we'd like to make life simple yet still fun, but perhaps we'd turn the crazy down a notch or two by not having a big birthday party and instead do a fun activity just with the family.  We'll still have big birthday bashes for those BIG birthdays like turning 5 or 10 or 15 and so on.  Sean decided that glow bowling on the weekend was the thing to do.  Wednesday was his actual birthday so I decorated the kitchen and we gave him his present after breakfast.  He was thrilled to get some Star Wars Lego! We had Bible study in the morning which meant he got to play with some of his favourite friends.  And while we hadn't planned on a party, the neighbour kids came over for supper which led into cake time---which in this case was actually cupcake time and then there were their presents to open.  So it was like having a mini party with less children but just about the same amount of chaos.

Saturday was a very busy but very fun day.  In the morning I took the kids to the Library and the Nearly New Shop while Marko worked on his sermon prep for Sunday.  Then after lunch we headed into Charlottetown to run some errands before heading to the bowling alley.  The kids were so excited to be there and were very happy to have Auntie Linda and Grammie Peric join us.   The kids needed a little help to get going but once they worked out their technique they did great.  Emma-Lyn enjoyed Daddy's suggestion of standing backwards and sending the ball between her legs approach.  After bowling we went to Dairy Queen for some yummy blizzards.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate Sean's day.

 Glowing in the dark

 Nate watching his ball make its way ever so slowly to the pins.

 Me and my funny girly--with Sean squeaking by in the background.

 Mr. Bowling!

 Cupcake time!

Ahhhhh icing on the face!

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