Monday, January 21, 2013

The Roller Coaster Ride of January

 When we rang in the New year at the beginning of this month I had no idea so much would change in so little time!  Shortly thereafter I had to watch one of my most favourite people and her family move 2 provinces away.  Thankfully I know they are coming back in the summer but still I miss her smiling face and our wonderful chats.  I also had to say good bye to one of my Aunts.  I am thankful though for all the fond memories I have of time spent with her and our family.

On the up swing Emma-Lyn celebrated her 5th birthday which as a mommy can be a bit of a bittersweet moment.  I know I want her to grow up and become a wonderful woman but there is part of me that wants to keep her small and sweet.  In our home we only do big birthday parties when you turn 5,10 and 15.  So this was Emma-Lyn's big birthday.  She opted for a princess theme.  There was lots of pink and white streamers hung throughout the kitchen and living room.  I set up a little photo shoot area where Emma-Lyn and each of her princess guests could sit and have their picture taken.  After all the photos were taken Marko went to the Superstore to get them developed while all the princess decorated their picture frames with gems and stickers.  We played some freeze dance and walking to Jerusalem.  I made princess hat cupcakes for our cake--I find cupcakes much easier to handle with large groups of children.  All in all it was a wonderful success.  I had had my doubts that the picture thing would work out but it did and was a lot of fun too!

And another highlight of the month was buying our new CR-V.  It was also a bit of a surprise.   Previously we had been leasing a 2009 Honda Civic and our lease was up this month.  A lease inspector had come by before Christmas and informed me that I would have no choice but to buy it out, I was crestfallen.  I really thought that we would be able to go to something bigger but this guy sure didn't think so.  And really there wasn't anything wrong with the car, so I had managed to settle myself with the idea of sticking with the civic.  When our Honda salesman told us that we could get the CR-V I near popped out of my skin.  We are so happy with it and thankful for the wonderful service we've received at Honda.

 Emma-Lyn and her bedazzled picture frame.

 Emma-Lyn dancing---or is that flying?!!

 Sweet princesses.

 Our new rig.

 Emma-Lyn and our neighbours putting on their impromptu play for us--what a hoot!

 This was Emma-Lyn's family birthday cake--I had planned on icing the 'Happy Birthday" but ran out so I used the chocolate chips instead.

 Such a happy birthday girl. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Auntie Gwen

This past Tuesday I went to see Les Mis with my bestie Jennie.  I loved it, I bawled like a baby and just enjoyed the whole production.  When I got home that night and was still enthralled with the whole evening my husband sat down with me and told me something I just didn't want to hear.  My Auntie Gwen had passed away that morning.  I was shocked and downright incredulous.  I knew she had had her fair share of health issues but certainly it hadn't gotten that bad, had it?!  I just sat there in stunned silence. Marko hugged me and held me and then let me have my time to myself. I was so heartbroken.  All of my aunts and uncles, especially on the Hope side were such a huge part of my childhood.  We would visit often and get together for Christmas and family reunions. 

Somewhere, somehow in my little girl heart I had  pinned up the hope that my aunts and uncles were invincible and since they had always been here they would always continue to be so.  Of course I didn't honestly believe it but part of me wanted to cry out, "Why not?!"  I want to keep things the way they were, everyone all together, enjoying each others company no matter how old we all may get.

It hurts so much to lose someone you love and while I do not enjoy the pain, I am thankful for it.  Because it reminds me that I had a wonderful opportunity to love this person and enjoy who they were and what they did and no one can ever take that away from me. 

This morning while I was doing the laundry I noticed the lap quilt that my Auntie Gwen had made me was in the pile--which was odd since I didn't remember putting it in and it wasn't particularly dirty. Just the same, I scooped it up and caressed it and pulled it close and was thankful.  Thankful for such a loving and caring woman in my life. I love you Auntie Gwen.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Welcome 2013!

 The new year has begun!  We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas time!  Turned out to be a white Christmas and it looks like the snow is here to stay.  I have mixed feelings about the snow, it is pretty and there are some great things you can do in and with the snow but mostly its cold--and I'm just not that big of a fan of the cold.  We did have a lot of fun getting all bundled up and attempting to build a snowman but he fell over so we decided on a snowfort instead which turned out great.

Christmas morning was filled with the joy that children bring to such an occasion.  They were all so excited and had so much fun.  Nate got a toy car and Sean got a Hot Wheels wall track and Emma-Lyn got a tea set from us.  As soon as all the presents were opened the kids busied themselves with playing with their new toys.  We had Grammie Peric and Auntie Linda in to share  our cranberry lemon pork roast supper.  That evening Marko and I finished up packing up the car to head for Nova Scotia the next day. 

We had a wonderful trip to my folks place.  Its a four hour drive in the wintertime since the ferries have stopped running until spring.  The children did a great job!  We stopped only once in Aulac, New Brunswick for a leg stretch and potty break and then we trucked all the way to Pictou County.  So good to be with family over the holidays, we did a lot of talking, laughing and eating---so much eating and yummy too!  We had hoped to play some in the snow there but the weather was a little nasty so we stayed indoors where it was warm and cozy.  While we enjoyed our visit to the mainland it was also very nice to come home and get ready to celebrate the New Year.

This year we decided that the kiddos were old enough to take part in some New Years Eve celebrations.  That said, they didn't stay up until midnight, we did a count down to 9 o'clock.  I decorated the living room with some curly silver and gold ribbon and put up a balloon countdown on the wall starting at 5 o'clock.  As each hour passed someone got to burst that balloon.  It was a lot of fun.  Marko made us a yummy pancake supper complete with bacon and fruit salad.  Our next door neighbour Brianna joined us for supper and some of our festivities.  Brianna is ten and the children just love playing with her.  She's just like part of the family. :)    We played some games, such as New Years Eve Freeze Dance--whenever the music stopped you had to freeze and yell HAPPY NEW YEAR--the kids loved it!  We also played find the clock--I took the little kitchen egg timer and hid it around the house after setting it to 5 minutes--the kids went nuts trying to find it before it started ringing! Our last game was a couple rounds of balloon volleyball which was also a hit for the kids.   We watched The Muppets Christmas Carol and our final activity before ringing in the New Year was to watch a photo slideshow I put together of the family from our adventures of 2012.  The kids just loved reliving all the fun things they had done that year.  At 9 o'clock we grabbed our noise makers and hooted and hollered and yelled Happy New Year!  We even sang Auld Lang Syne with the help of Julie Andrews on Youtube!  After the kiddos were in bed Marko and I grabbed some drinks and nibblies and cuddled on the couch to watch Avengers.  It was a wonderful New Years Eve!

Now we're a week into the new year and tomorrow we start back into our homeschool routine.  I'm looking forward to it and I think the children are too.  They each got their own lap trays for Christmas which they were pretty excited about.   Here's to the new year and the adventures that await us!!

 All set for Christmas morning.

 Our happy little family on Christmas Eve..

 Same happy family showing their true colours!

 I love this shot because of the wrapping paper--the boys thought it was great--it was the Nissan flyer that had come in the flyer bundle that week!
 Emma-Lyn with her new tea set.

 The fam jam in our snow fort.

 Our balloon countdown.

 Danicing like crazy people!

 New Year's Eve bling and my handsome king! :)

Brianna and Sean opening their New Year's Eve crackers.