Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Auntie Gwen

This past Tuesday I went to see Les Mis with my bestie Jennie.  I loved it, I bawled like a baby and just enjoyed the whole production.  When I got home that night and was still enthralled with the whole evening my husband sat down with me and told me something I just didn't want to hear.  My Auntie Gwen had passed away that morning.  I was shocked and downright incredulous.  I knew she had had her fair share of health issues but certainly it hadn't gotten that bad, had it?!  I just sat there in stunned silence. Marko hugged me and held me and then let me have my time to myself. I was so heartbroken.  All of my aunts and uncles, especially on the Hope side were such a huge part of my childhood.  We would visit often and get together for Christmas and family reunions. 

Somewhere, somehow in my little girl heart I had  pinned up the hope that my aunts and uncles were invincible and since they had always been here they would always continue to be so.  Of course I didn't honestly believe it but part of me wanted to cry out, "Why not?!"  I want to keep things the way they were, everyone all together, enjoying each others company no matter how old we all may get.

It hurts so much to lose someone you love and while I do not enjoy the pain, I am thankful for it.  Because it reminds me that I had a wonderful opportunity to love this person and enjoy who they were and what they did and no one can ever take that away from me. 

This morning while I was doing the laundry I noticed the lap quilt that my Auntie Gwen had made me was in the pile--which was odd since I didn't remember putting it in and it wasn't particularly dirty. Just the same, I scooped it up and caressed it and pulled it close and was thankful.  Thankful for such a loving and caring woman in my life. I love you Auntie Gwen.

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M said...

deepest condolences!treasure the memories you had with her!