Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's My Momma's Birthday

First thing you should know about my mom is that she would hate that I just called her 'Momma'  Next thing it's her birthday and since I did not send a card and she doesn't live close enough to take out to lunch or supper, I thought I'd write a few things down about why I love her and how great a mom/woman she is.

To my Mom:

When I was little I always loved when you would caress the back of my neck and gently comb your  fingers through my hair.  I don't know why, but I felt special when you did that.

Mom, you are an AMAZING cook!  I would love to be able to cook as well as you do.  I may not have been very appreciative of it when I was little and I remember feeding the dog some of my supper, but I LOVE it now. 

Nothing felt or worked better than a kiss from mom on any bruise or scratch--healing powers in those lips!

Mom, you love my dad and both of you have been such a testimony to what it means to keep a promise.  Life has not always been easy or fun, but you weathered it all together, and I and my family are so very thankful.

 I always loved your hands.  I want hands like those.  Ones that are hard working and yet gentle enough to hold a child's tear stained cheek to kiss it.  Hands that help when things get tough and hands that tickle and make giggles erupt from chubby cheeks.

I loved our trips to Scanalon Creek--I still conjure up the image of sitting in the back seat and hearing the car tires crunch over the gravel and seeing the tall trees towering above us as we made our way to the beach.

I am thankful that you had the patience to do "20 questions" with me when I was upset and didn't talk so very much.  I knew you cared to find out.

I am thankful that you were one of my guiders at Girl Guides.  It was great to be able to share that experience with you.

I am thankful for the time you put in getting us organized for our camping trips.  Never needed to get "ahead"  on those trips. ;)

Both breast cancer and a brain tumour have rocked your life and you have been able to roll with it, you learned new skills and made more friends and are there to help others through equally traumatic experiences.  You are a source of strength.

Growing older has not slowed you down one bit and I find that inspiring, you are still willing to see what else you can do, what more you can contribute.  Higher numbers in our age doesn't mean a shutting down of life but merely a change in direction.

If I ever need help to move another washing machine or other heavy appliance I'm calling you first!

You were so much my comfort after my babies were born.  When I called,  I didn't know my up from my down but you sat listened to my worries and helped calm my fears.

I'm so thrilled that you do the Smartie thing with my kiddos.  It's one of my favourite memories of my grandmother.  I'm sure the kids will treasure it too!

Thank you for all your "I love you"s , they mean the world to me!

I love my family, and I am so glad, so blessed to have you for my mom.  I love you so very much!!

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