Sunday, February 03, 2013

On the Trails Again

Yesterday we had the most wonderful adventure.  We were out running errands and it was a beautiful day and it seemed a shame just to head on home so we decided to check out a nearby trail that a friend had mentioned on Facebook.  It was the Boughton River Trail and it was a delight!  It was narrow and winding through the trees with little wooden benches by the streams we crossed over.  The Confereration Trails are nice but can sometimes be a bit boring.  The kids LOVED the trail.  They took off laughing and squealing as they discovered new things.  They especially love whenever they would come to a bridge over a fast moving brook.  It was suddenly time to play a good round of Poohsticks.  The children even wondered if they would find Pooh and Piglet in the woods since it so reminded them of the Hundred Acre Wood.  I loved being on the trails again too and just breathed in the wonderful woodsy smell and atmosphere.  I love being out in nature  and just exploring.  We can't wait to come back when the weather has warmed up, I'm sure this will become a family favourite.

In our homeschool days we have been concentrating on what it means to be kind to one another and love one another and it seems the kids are really taking it to heart in their own ways.  One day when I was feeling under the weather Sean went and made me toast with jam and then all three of them set to work on making me a hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and honey.  Another day Sean helped his siblings out by making their beds for them and they all will help one another with their chores.  Emma-Lyn even volunteered to fold laundry this afternoon which was so thoughtful.  This is not to say that my children have it all together and I'm such a great mother.  They don't and I'm not.  That is not my point, my point is that we are all seeing and working on the values of kindness and we are experiencing success.  We make many mistakes and screw up to varying extents, but for right now I want to celebrate the victories and savour them.

Another success story, or at least thus far is my journey in giving up Pepsi and coffee.  I had been experiencing some intense headaches and other side effects and it was thought that my caffeine intake may be the culprit.  And it would seem that it is.  The headaches are gone and I've replaced my caffeinated beverages with hot/cold water with lemon slices as well as teas, herbal mostly and I love it!  I love how well I'm feeling these days.  Now to tackle getting more exercise. I could use some more success in this department, my failure comes from my lack of consistency and will power, definitely something for me to work on!

Our homeschool days have been busy and fun and full of new adventures for us as well.  We've also enjoyed some wonderful playdates.  Last Friday we got to visit our friends who live on a farm and I got to milk a goat.  I've milked a cow before but this was definitely different.  Emma-Lyn got to feed a lamb the milk and it was gone pretty quickly.  In our school work we have been working on a project about Canada.  The children have their own duotangs and we are slowly filling them with the colouring pages of each province's flags, maps, flowers and birds.  At one point I even remembered that I had a book and cd of common bird songs and we were then able to sit and identify several different bird songs.  Sometimes we try out things we see on Pinterest or on the blogosphere and this time we tried making a candle out of an orange peel and much to our delight it worked! 

 My kiddos on one of the cute benches on the trail walk.

 Just love this place!

 The kids pretty much ran up the hill just so enjoying being out and exploring again!

 Poohstick time.

 Our orange peel candle.  Such a fun and easy little project.

Our Canada project.

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Simone said...

What a great adventure! I love the pic of "pooh sticks."