Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day and Other Stories

I don't know what the weather is like in your part of the world, but here in PEI it is nasty!  So much snow and freezing rain and blizzards and oh my dear, I'm just so ready for spring!

That being said, we have had a good bit of fun in all the white stuff.  This past Friday saw the kids and I join the homeschool group for a beautiful sleigh ride and sledding party.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  The sun was shining, it was pretty warm out and the sledding hill was awesome!  I took Nate down a few times and we had a great time hooting and hollering all the way down!  On Saturday we went to Knox's Falls and Dams and enjoyed tromping about in the snow and sliding down the snowbanks.  The kids went out today to play but  the wind was whipping the snow around so much that it stung your face, so they were in after a few slides down the snowbank in front of our house.

Last Thursday we got to go skating with Auntie Linda at the local rink.  I haven't been on skates for at least 8 years!  I was a LOT nervous that I would be falling all over the place and not be able to help the kids at all, but somehow I stayed on my feet and we all had a great time!

And then there was Valentine's Day--what fun!  Leading up to the big day we painted a banner that we put up in our living room window.  It read, "Love One Anoter"  We were so proud until a couple days later our neighbour came over and asked us what an "anoter" was... Oh my I was embarrassed but decided to have fun with it and posted a note beside it that read, "Apparently we need to work on spelling...oops."  The night before the big day, Marko and I cut out hearts from coloured construction paper and wrote out things that we love about each of the kids and then taped them to their bedroom doors. That morning it was fun to rest in bed and listen to Sean read the heart messages.  For breakfast I made heart shaped cookies with chocolate drizzled over them--the kids were tickled pink to have cookies first thing in the morning.  They did follow that up with some cereal.  After breakfast we got right to work making valentines and putting together little cookie packages to share with our neighbours.   For lunch I thought it would be fun to make heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and garnish the plate with slices of strawberries and apples.  The kids loved it and gobbled them right up.   That evening Marko and I went out for supper at Swiss Chalet.  It wasn't our first choice but we were very glad we went.  We were able to use our coupon from our festive dinner from Christmas time which made it a great choice financially speaking and we got more Lindor chocolates!  Can't go wrong with chocolates!

And finally, today was holiday, Islander day.  We decided to take out all our crafting and construction materials and just sit down and make stuff to our heart's content.  It was fun to sit with the kiddos and just be creative.

 Emma-Lyn on her skates. This was her second time skating and the fist time for the boys. 

 The beautiful winter wonderland we traveled through on our sleigh ride.

 Our little Valentine packages.

 This past Saturday we visited one of our favourite places, Knox's Falls and Dam.  We had a delightful time in the snow and everyone tried sliding down the hill.  Even daddy, but he mores so rolled then slid.

 So beautiful!

The fam jam working hard on their little creations

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