Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stitching Up a Storm

 I can almost hardly believe that it is the second last week of March and we are expecting yet another winter storm!!  The snow is lovely and white and all but I am so ready for blossoms and grass and bikes and chalk on driveways!  In the meantime I picked up a knitting book.  I admit it was a beginners book for kids and it has been grand.  I had no idea I could actually tackle making a hat!  I've made lots of dishcloths and blankets but nothing too interesting and certainly nothing that you could wear.  When I saw the pattern in the book I knew I could do it.  The instructions were simple and easy to follow and voila:

 Emma-Lyn's hat.  She picked out the yarn.  She was super happy with her hat.

And this is Nate's hat.  He was excited to have me make him a hat but not so thrilled about having to pose in his hat for a picture.

It was so much fun to make these.  I think it really drove home to me the meaningfulness of handmade gifts.  As I made them I thought about the kids and different memories and then of course there was the anticipation of their response to their new hat.  Emma-Lyn's was just priceless.  She grabbed it right up and rubbed it against her cheek and told me she loved it and proceeded to wear it the rest of the morning--in the house.  Nate was all excited and threw the hat on his head and went tearing down the hallway to show it off to his big brother and sister.  I still have to make Sean's, he'd like a black hat and I need to go buy the yarn for it.  Maybe tomorrow we'll have to venture out for yarn before the latest storm blows in.