Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter Fun Part 2

 Finally, I'm sitting down to write out the second part of our Easter.  On Good Friday our church held an Easter Conference that both Marko and I were involved in.  I had nursery duty, while Marko was the worship leader for the second meeting.  And to add to all the fun my family was on their way over for the weekend.  It made for a bit of chaos on Friday but we got it all figured out and everyone was happy.

We finished up our stuff at the Conference and met my folks at our place. We had a lovely time of just chatting and catching up and then my folks headed back to their room at Lane's Cottages.  We got to keep Trooper at our house which the kiddos just dearly love and we all enjoyed walking her in the morning before breakfast.

My family popped in around 10 and we were all just standing around talking and trying to figure out what to do with our day when my friend Laura who lives on a farm called and asked if wanted to see some sheep get sheared.  Everyone was game so soon we were on our way to the farm.  We all just loved it.  The kids love it because they enjoy playing with their friends and getting to see the animals.  Gramma and Grammpa just LOVED being on the farm.  So many sweet little lambs to hold and pat.  And watching the sheep shearing was really quite interesting too.  Laura and her husband Robert are great sources of information on everything agriculture and beyond so not only did we get to see animals but we also got a better understanding of how farms run.  We could've stayed all day but we needed to get back home to get the turkey in the oven.

I think Gramma would have liked to take this little guy home!

Sheep shearing--what an amazing job!

Just such sweet little animals.

Nate giving kisses to the lamby.

Grampa Hope has always been kind of the "special" one in the family and this day he was in fine form!

Once we were back home and the turkey was in the oven Gramma and Grampa had a few Easter treats to share with the children.  The kids were delighted!

At first glance they thought they were getting lightsabres!  They were just as tickled to realize they had bubble wands in their hands that they could easily pretend were lightsabres.

They did blow a few bubbles before reenacting scenes from Star Wars.

Marko's mom and sister joined us for supper and we had a grand time talking and enjoying one another's company.

We don't do the Easter bunny here but we do hide some chocolate eggs for the kids to find.  We shoo the kids upstairs while we hide their colour coded eggs all over the kitchen and living room.  So funny to watch them scamper about looking for their eggs and when they discovered someone else's they would start yelling for that person to look over there.

Mr. Nate going in for the green egg on the lego roof.

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