Tuesday, April 09, 2013

My Thoughts and Prayers

Are with my Hope family again.  My Uncle Barry is in the hospital and we've been told he isn't going to make it.  I'm not sure how much time is left.  My heart goes out especially to my Aunt Mary Jane and cousins Mark and Kent as they go through this difficult time. My mom and dad and sister too, all send their love and prayers to the whole family.  Its so hard to be so far away and not be able to help, if only to be a shoulder to cry on.  Just reminds me just how precious every day really is, may we take the time to be thankful for each moment we have with our loved ones.  Love you all so much.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this. Saw your parents last night at OES funeral service for one of our members- 50 year old who retired a year ago . Must call them. Is this your Dad's sister's husband?

Laura said...

yes it is.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for sending out our heart felt thoughts in this difficult time for our aunt and uncle and their family.
Love you all lots and lots!